Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

January 29, 2019 | Cathy

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So, how are your New Year's resolutions holding up? If my memory serves me correctly, the end of January or start of February is when the crowds in the gym start dissipating. If you need a boost to stay motivated with your fitness goals, come out to a talk by Alex Hutchinson. Alex is a journalist and physicist who writes about the latest research in fitness and exercise in plain language that is easy for non-scientists to understand.  Some recent articles that he wrote for the Globe and Mail include: Holding Your Breath Can Improve your Performance and There's No Such Thing as Being Too Fit. His latest book, Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Endurance explores how we can push our physical limits and what makes us give up. Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing.

Alex Hutchinson and Malcolm Gladwell with book  Endure

                       Photo Credit:  Alex Hutchinson 


What:  Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

When: Wednesday, January 30 at 6:30 PM

Where: North York Central Library, Room 1

For more information: Call the Business, Science & Technology Department at (416) 395-5613

Registration not required.


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