March 15, 2018 | abbas

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Take a deep breath.

Did you feel your shoulders move up? Did your belly expand and then quickly contract? Do you experience chronic stress, pain, restlessness, depression or feel sudden losses of energy during the day? If your answers were yes, no and yes, then according to Dr. Belisa Vranich, you probably should correct your breathing. Breathe: The Simple Revolutionary 14 Day Program to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health is a book that outlines the many merits of correcting your breathing in a way that will be beneficial to both your mental health and bodily well-being. In her book, Vranich boldly proclaims "oxygenating and balancing your breath means you're addressing your health at the root, not just bandaging the symptoms. If you really want 'wellness,' you need to go back to basics and make sure the foundation of your health – your breathing – is good." The crux of her book is activating the diaphragm to oxygenate our bodies, invariably deprived of the good stuff. Be sure to check the book out in its various formats (listed below) along with a slew of other titles and interactive programs dedicated to our most instinctive, primal action.

Book cover of Breathe : the simple revolutionary 14 day program to improve your mental and physical health