Radon and Your Health

September 15, 2017 | Cathy

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Triangle with radiation symbolImage Courtesy of Wikipedia

Did you know that radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer of non-smokers in Canada? (Canadian Cancer Society) Radon is a radioactive gas that is invisible, odorless and tasteless. Learn how to protect yourself from radon exposure in a presentation by Health Canada specialist, Mainul Husain.  


What: Do You Have Radon in Your Home?

When: Tuesday, September 26 at 7 PM

Where: Hillcrest Library

Registration not required


If you can't attend the presentation, check out the following:

Book cover of Strange glow : the story of radiation Book cover of Cancer sourcebook : basic consumer health information about major forms and stages of cancer, featuring facts about head and neck cancers, lung cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, genito-urinary cancers, lymphomas, blood cell cancers, endocrine cancers, skin cancers, bone cancers, metastatic cancers and more : along with facts about cancer treatments, cancer risks and prevention, a glossary of related terms, statistical data, and a directory of resources for additional information 

For information about radon from Health Canada, click here.