Best Foot Forward

May 8, 2017 | Reagan

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May is Foot Health Month  ...I know, I had no idea either!
1890-200Whether you are a foot lover (no judgement) or a foot hater, I think we can all agree that feet are an important part of our body that we should take care of. But if you're like me, you never really gave your feet much thought.

 So let's spend some time this May thinking about and taking care of our feet, shall we?

IndexKathy Vanderlinden states, "physically, our feet are unsung heroes, absorbing some five million pounds of pressure per day as they do their job of carting us around." Her book, Foot: A Playful Biography, covers everything from foot afflictions (bunions, corns and calluses), foot rituals and symbolism (from foot washing to sipping champagne from a lover’s shoe), foot fairy tales and folklore (Cinderella being the pre-eminent example), and foot beauty treatments (Cleopatra had a slew of them). I think you'll agree, that is a lot of information about feet!

 Since this is a Health and Wellness blog, I figure we would jump right in (see the pun) and discuss how to care for these unsung heroes. 

Caring For Your Feet 

You may not give much thought to your feet, that is, until you start suffering from foot pain or other afflictions. For an accurate diagnosis, please consult your doctor or podiatrist. But if you are just looking to better educate yourself and thus take better care of your feet, I have compiled for you these resources:

  Book cover of The foot book : a complete guide to healthy feet


Those of us who are into sports often deal with foot injuries. It's amazing how something as small as a broken toe (thank you soccer) or a missing toe nail (thank you marathon training) turns your whole world upside down. Here are some specialized resources for us jock-types:

  Book cover of The runner's guide to healthy feet and ankles : simple steps to prevent injury and run stronger


FootreflexologyFor those who want to take caring for their feet a step further (another pun!), let's look at reflexology in order to improve our overall well being. In case you don't know, reflexology refers to the massage of the feet (or hands) based on the belief that pressure applied to specific points on these extremities benefits other parts of the body.


Interested? Check out these resources: 


Now I will admit, it's rather difficult to perform reflexology when you're thumbing through a book. So here are a couple of handy (I'm on a pun-roll) DVDs all about reflexology. 


Shoe Me

A natural segue, feet > shoes. My dad would agree, my mother has owned every pair of shoes ever invented and as a result, I have developed a kind of fascination with shoes. So I thought I'd finish by including some of the more interesting books about feet/shoes that have come through the library. Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out! 




Tickled your interest (last pun, I promise)? You can get free Museum and Arts Passes to the BATA Shoe Museum at various TPL branches!