Earth Month Tips

April 19, 2017 | Reagan

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Full disclosure, I'm a bit of a tree hugger. Literally, this is me: 

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So when it came time for me to craft a Health and Wellness blog post for April, I immediately thought to incorporate Earth Day, which has now been extended to Earth Month (aka April).  

Now it's not a difficult feat to tie health and wellness to our own planet's health and wellness. So here are just three easy tips to make your April more Earth friendly. And remember, we don't have to save these tips for April, try to incorporate change year round and help improve our planet's health and your own wellness simultaneously! 

Earth Month Tip #1: Volunteer at a Community Garden!


In a crowded housing market like Toronto, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden plot to call their own. Luckily, there are community gardens sprinkled throughout this amazing city! Now, now, I'm not suggesting everyone has a green thumb and should sign up for a plot themselves, but a lot of community gardens could use your help in other ways:

  1. Financial assistance
  2. Identifying and developing a new community garden space
  3. Providing technical assistance to existing community gardens
  4. If you've got a green thumb, you can help design/tend to a garden plot

Not sure if there are any gardens in your area? Check out the City of Toronto's Community Garden Map and find out!

Feeling ambitious about starting up your own community garden? I highly recommend reading up on Toronto's own The Stop Community Food Centre. It's a wonderful organization and the cookbook is full of delicious/seasonal recipes. 


With commercial campaigns like Cheerios' Bring Back The Bees and Toronto's own Every Tree Counts program, there is a real push to start planting more for our environment. This comes with the added incentive of being good for the planet and yourself  – there is nothing sweeter than enjoying your own garden. Worried you don't have the space to plant for the planet? Check out these resources on gardening in nontraditional spaces. 


Earth Month Tip #2: Bike to work, school and home

Even if you don't have wheels of your own, or wheels as cool as mine,  IMG_1833 (1) Toronto's Bike Share program makes it easy to make this earth-friendly switch. Now, if you're like my sister-in-law (aka "Safety Sinker"), you worry about how safe it is to bike anywhere in the bustling city, bike lanes or no bike lanes. Fear not friends, here are some handy guides to keep yourself safe on your commute: 

 Book cover of Urban cycling : how to get to work, save money, and use your bike for city living 

All library branches also have this free resource for cyclists in Toronto:  IMG_7675
...or if biking is completely out of the question, dare I suggest take transit? Obviously biking or walking is the most earth-friendly choice, however if that is not an option for you, switching to public transit would lower your ecological footprint considerably. Being a long time TTCer myself, I am well aware that the transit suggestion comes with some, let's call them quirks.

Earth Month Tip #3: Switch to environmentally friendly consumer products!

Book cover of Ecoholic body : your ultimate earth friendly guide to living healthy and looking good  


Personally, I'm a huge fan of vinegar to clean just about everything. Though my partner will happily agree that I'm not a purist anymore and there is a time and place for bleach, by switching to natural consumer products when and where you feel comfortable, we can improve our planet's wellness. More to the point, we can improve our own wellness as well. 

And remember, there are a ton of fun, Earth-friendly things to do this month, including Toronto Zoo's Party for the Planet and of course TPL's wide array of Our Fragile Planet programs, classes and exhibits! Don't forget to check out our recommended reading list too!