Hot, Sweaty Mess

October 18, 2022 | Reagan

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Despite using the catchphrase "no sweat," a lot, the truth is I am human and I do sweat. In fact, I sweat a lot (both physically and mentally). So of course when a title like "The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration," appeared on TPL's Health and Wellness...

Well Wrapped Wellness

September 29, 2022 | Reagan

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I'm a sucker for a great book cover. I know I'm not alone. Since starting my journey into eAudiobooks though, I don't often pick up a book and judge it based on its cover. Instead, I download, double tap an airpod, toss it into my pocket or backpack and off...

Big Fat Fatty

September 2, 2022 | Reagan

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Since becoming a health and wellness blogger for TPL, social media now strongly advertises body positivity campaigns to me with hashtags like #BigFatFatty. I'm going to take the radical stance that most people have worried/struggled with their body at one point or another in their life. Be it body size,...

Medicine is Weird

July 4, 2022 | Reagan

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put medicine at the forefront of most conversations. Simultaneously it has left non-science minded folks like myself trying to catch up on the never ending debates over science vs. pseudoscience. On my journey to educate myself, I discovered a few curiosity-piquing books on medical misconceptions that...

Mom, formerly Momma

April 22, 2022 | Reagan

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This Mother's Day, I'd like to acknowledge the mental health roller coaster that happens when becoming a new mom. Somewhat like a job promotion, I don't think you can truly appreciate the role of being a mom until you're actually in it. In this blog I'll take a panoramic view...

Plant Parenting

March 14, 2022 | Reagan

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Who doesn't love a green, leafy houseplant? I recently took my love of houseplants to the next level by tattooing a sentimental Heart-Leaf Philodendron on my forearm. My husband's grade one teacher gave each of her students a single leaf cutting of their classroom plant and he (with my help)...

Black Mental Health Week 2022

February 18, 2022 | Rachelle

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In March 2020, the City of Toronto hosted the inaugural Black Mental Health Day, spearheaded by Taibu Community Health Centre. What started out as an awareness campaign, quickly swelled to become a time to highlight and reflect upon the effect that inequity and anti-Black racism has laid upon Black Torontonians....

Parenting Books Worth Your Precious Time

January 31, 2022 | Reagan

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Being a new parent and a librarian meant that I spent the majority of my pandemic maternity leave reading and listening to parenting books. I did a deep dive into all types of philosophies because I was genuinely curious and because my kid's superpower was sleeping so I had some...

World Diabetes Day 2021

November 12, 2021 | Reagan

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World Diabetes Day (WDD) is on November 14, 2021. According to the WDD's website, the campaign is marked annually on November 14 for the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best over 100 years ago in 1921. The campaign is represented by a blue circle...

How to Beat The Heat

August 20, 2021 | Reagan

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As someone who prefers cold weather, I wanted to put together a cheerful blog on ways to beat the heat this summer. The books may be a bit kooky but like a nice beach read, you're sure to delight in their pages! Here you'll find out what to wear, eat...