The Need for Data Literacy Information

June 18, 2021 | Fiona

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Digital literacy is a lifelong learning skill. It is important to know where you can get trusted information and how to protect your privacy. Building digital literacy skills creates a stronger community.

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Toronto Public Library understands the importance of building digital literacy skills. Toronto Public Library's 2020-2024 strategic plan lists digital literacy as an area of focus.


Cities for Digital Rights

In October 2019, the City of Toronto and 46 countries around the world signed a Cities for Digital Rights Declaration. The declaration is designed to protect, promote and upholds people’s digital rights. The coalition for Cities for Digital Rights developed five principles for cities to declare (PDF). It is important for cities to educate our communities to be in control of their data. Declared cities work together and build a smarter communities.


Innovator in Residence: Data Privacy

Recently, Toronto Public Library hosted an online Innovator in Residence program in the area of data privacy.

Lawyer and certified privacy professional Migan Megardichian, Innovator in Resident, delivered several programs. The goal of the residency is to educate us the in area of data privacy.

Key Takeaways

The Innovator in Residence program presented us with lots of useful information. Here are a few learning takeaways.

Privacy Policies and Laws

Privacy policies and laws are there to protect you when it comes to your personal data. It is important to know why your data is being collected. The following are a few resources to help you understand policies and how your personal data is protected.

Privacy Breach

A privacy breach is when someone steals, loses or collects your personal data without your full consent. These resources provide information on how a company can prevent a breach and what happens when a breach occurs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is computers or software that imitate human abilities. AI is a tool built to help us, but we have to be careful when machines are doing the work of a human.

The Innovator in Residence series offered a few programs in the area of AI. Participants learned how to always keep humans in the loop and also understand the consequences of AI. Here are a few takeaways from the Al programs.

  • Learn about Bill C-11, which includes regulations for AI processes and rules for when machine learning is being used.
  • Algorithmic Impact Assessment Tool (AIA) is a questionnaire for companies using machine learning. It helps them assess and avoid issues that comes with an automated decision system.


Learn More

Data Privacy Resources

More data privacy resources by trusted privacy information experts.

Responsible AI Resources

More resources from organizations that specialize in AI.

These reports also address machine learning and responsible AI.


Library Resources to Continue Your Learning

If you're looking for more ways to learn, try the following Toronto Public Library resources. They are available to check out with your Toronto Public Library Card .

Also check out the following Toronto Public Library resources on responsible AI and digital privacy.

Human in-the-Loop Machine Learning

Human-In-the-Loop Machine Learning : Active Learning and Annotation for Human-Centered AI

A practical introduction to Human in the Loop

A Practical Introduction to Human-In-The-Loop

Atlas of AI

Atlas of AI 

200+ Ways to Protect Your Privacy

200+ Way to Protect Your Privacy

Competing in the Age of AI

Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership when Algorithms and Networks Run the World

Privacy is Power

Privacy is Power: Why You Should Take Control of Your Data

Creating Smart Cities

Creating Smart Cities

Prediction Machines

Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence


Courses from LinkedIn Learning 

Beginner and intermediate courses in the area of Digital Privacy and Algorithmic Literacy are available through LinkedIn Learning (formerly You will need to log in using your valid Toronto Public Library card to access the videos listed below. 

Data Ethics: Making Data Driven Decisions 

This course is designed to walk you through making the right decisions when it comes to data, AI decisions and ethics when it comes to improving your business. The course is designed for beginners. 

Implementing a Privacy, Risk and Assurance Program

A short beginner video that outlines what privacy is, how to change a company's culture when it comes to privacy. 

Securing your Home Office

Working from home has presented lots of security questions, this short beginner level video will go over how to protect your home office. 

Smarter Cities: Using Data to Drive Urban Innovation

This course will guide you through what is a smart city, how data works, examples of smart cities, what is Internet of Things (IoT).