Torontonians Collaborated on a Podcast While Physical Distancing

May 21, 2020 | Brendon

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On Monday, May 15, the library partnered with Ryerson University's Creative Innovation Studio to present the "Collaborative Podcasting While Physical Distancing" online workshop. Amanda Cupido, former TPL Innovator in Residence, delivered the workshop as part of the Communities Creative inititiave. Communities Creative empowers Canadians to express themselves using creativity, to build their skills, and find human connection during the COVID-19 crisis. They offer a series of free online workshops sponsored by organizations that are part of the Canadian creative community, including TIFF, Second City and more.

Communities Create key graphic
Image courtesy of Communities Create. Used with permission.

"How are you feeling right now?"

This was the question that everyone answered during the two-part podcasting workshop. Working collaboratively online during physical distancing, they shared their stories. In the workshop, the 55 participants learned about audio storytelling techniques. Then they created their own audio stories to share their personal experiences during this unprecedented global pandemic.

At the wrap-up listening party on Friday May 19, five participants shared their unique works with the group.


Watch the Workshop

If you are interested in watching Amanda's workshop, here's the recording created and hosted by Ryerson University:


Listen to the Trailer

Amanda created and hosted this trailer to give you a taste of the podcast stories created during Communities Create.

While participants were only given two to three days, the audio stories produced were creative and covered different topics about how participants were coping during this pandemic.


Listen to the Complete Stories

You can enjoy the five podcasts below, created and shared by Communities Create participants on their SoundCloud.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who created stories at this workshop and provided unique insights into how they are coping during this global health crisis.


"Going Feral: When Bad Things Happen to Good Dogs" by Rob

Since the pandemic started, Rob and his wife have been working from home. This has disrupted the routine of her seeing eye dog, Laddie. Rob shares how isolation has impacted this important member of their family.


"Making Music Together While Apart" by Donna

Donna misses getting together with her friends to play music. So she got in touch with them to ask what they have been playing during physical distancing. Donna and her friends share how their music makes them feel during these difficult times.


"Mindfulness" by Bindu

Bindu is going grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks and shares her delightful experience. "I finally see fresh tomatoes. Yay!"


"PPE" by Gary

Gary muses about "Love in the Times of COVID". He discusses his lovely relationship with a woman and how they are visiting with each other while maintaining physical distancing.


"The Walk" by Todd

Todd has been going on a lot of walks lately. He shares the sounds and sights of a walk out and about in the Etobicoke area of the city.


Learn About Podcasting at Home

If you find yourself looking for more podcasts to listen to, we have a great selection to choose from!

Are you inspired to create your own podcast? Try these online learning resources you can access for free with your library card to help you get started:


Happy podcasting!