Is There an Easy Way to Learn How to Create and Use Augmented Reality?

September 16, 2016 | Eric

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If you are interested in learning how to create some augmented reality (AR) content for free, you might be very interested in looking at Aurasma, a simple app and web-based studio application that’s fun and easy to use.

What is Aurasma?

Aurasma is an augmented reality platform created by HP Autonomy. It’s a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices via Google Play. Aurasma's image recognition technology uses a smartphone's or tablet's camera to recognize real world images and then overlay media on top of them in the form of animations, videos, 3D models and web pages.

The Aurasma app is free to download, and the company provides free access to their web-based Aurasma Studio for creating and managing augmented reality. Aurasma says “we want our technology to be completely accessible to schools and non-profits without their having to worry about costs.”

What can you do for free?

  1. View and experience augmented reality content by following accounts in app or finding Universal Auras.
  2. Create your own AR content in the Aurasma app.
  3. Create your own AR content in the Aurasma studio. 
  4. Publish as much content as you'd like to the Aurasma app by making your Auras public for others to follow in the app by using Aurasma Studio.

Toronto Public Library is always interested in experimenting with new technologies and ideas, and our current exhibition in the TD Gallery, The Art of Cartography, was a perfect venue to test-drive this app. Aurasma enabled us to creatively animate items on display without disturbing the actual objects. We were able to create some test “Auras” within the gallery that are triggered by certain maps within the show.

Aurasma Studio screen shot

Multitudes of potential uses quickly come to mind once you start to play around with the software and app. Imagine creating scavenger hunts or building interactive activities in an educational walk through a historic neighbourhood, or teaching your students how to embed AR video reviews of books they were assigned to read in class. 

Whether you’re a teacher creating an interactive lesson for your students, a librarian setting up a scavenger hunt around the library or a non-profit promoting your cause, Aurasma’s free platform is available to enhance the experience!

There are many Aurasma video tutorials and examples available via YouTube to help you get started.

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