Local Rock Band Shoots Music Video in TRL's Green Screen Room

August 8, 2016 | Greg Astill

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Any time you drop in and take a peek into the Green Screen Room at the Digital Innovation Hubs, you'll see the space is being used for all different reasons.  On one particular Saturday, a local band named The Classy Wrecks came in to shoot a music video for their new single "Too Old To Party" off their latest LP.  

The director of that video is a regular customer at the Toronto Reference Library. We sat down with Sudharsanan Sampath to ask about his experience using the green screen room for this video and how it has helped him with other projects.

How was working in the Green Screen Studio Space?

Working in the green space was really good. The green space at the Reference (library) is pretty spacious and you guys added an extra light recently, which helped a lot with the music video.

Photo courtesy of Northern Diaries

The Mac really helps as we played the already mastered audio and the band were just mouthing the song for the video. So it helped me to sync. Yeah, it is pretty amazing experience.

How did you hear about it?

I am a regular to Toronto Reference. I study in the plant room (the Idea Garden), I hang out with my computer almost every day doing my projects and one day this space appeared suddenly with all the Mac suites, I naturally went in and started inquiring.

Any other projects that you used the Green Screen space for?

Yeah, a lot actually. We do a lot of photo shoots there. Head shots, profile shots etc. I am also a freelance photographer. Recently used the space to take head shots for an actor. My friend is also a photographer and she is also a big fan. We play some relaxation music on the Mac inside the Green Room and get to work.

Photo courtesy of Northern Diaries

What would you like to see added or enhanced in the green screen space?

Everything is awesome but I have one suggestion. Instead of a green built wall, if it has a removable green screen in a stand, it can be used for several other projects. If you don’t want a green screen, if you just want a white wall behind, you can just move the stand away or remove the green fabric and put your own colored background behind. They have this in Fort York branch.

(Note:  The Innovation Hub does have a green screen fabric that he didn't know about.)

How long have you been working in this field?

I have always wanted to make films ever since I watched Life is Beautiful when I was in 12th grade. Then circumstances (being of Indian background) forced me to take up engineering and management. But I drifted into short films and video productions even in my university days. So, I would say eight years. But those (early films) are pretty bad productions with incredibly bad acting. Still fun though.

What's the next project you're working on?

I am making a 35min movie called The Shadow World. I am also starting a video marketing company called Northern Diaries Digital Media which helps tell people and small business’s stories through videos. I am doing both simultaneously. Movie is all shot l, just have post production left. Company is an ongoing project. All thanks to the Digital Innovation Hub. That’s where everything is shaping up.

How are the staff at the Digital Innovation Hub?

The staff are welcoming, understanding and kind. Even if I come early and there is space available, they always try and accommodate the users. They could easily say no. They are always friendly and nice. Most importantly, they are creative themselves and they understand the process involved and appreciate it. That’s a huge motivation.




It's always great to see the space being used; so far we have had aspiring musicians come in to record a demo, filmmakers conducting interviews, an actor compiling demo reel and a customer creating content for podcasts. Whatever you hope to use the space for, we're really hoping this story will encourage more users to come in and check it out. Remember to check out the Intro to Green Screen Room classes if you want to learn more about the space and use of the equipment.  

Have fun!!