3D Print TCAF Souvenir Inspired by Cartoonist Seth

May 12, 2016 | Ab. Velasco

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Alex Dimitrov
Digital Innovation Hub staff member Alex Dimitrov with his 3D print out that he designed based on Seth's poster for the inaugural TCAF in 2003.

The 2016 Toronto Comic Arts Festival takes place this weekend - May 14 and 15 - at Toronto Reference Library.

For the third consecutive year, Digital Innovation Hub staff member Alex Dimitrov has created a fun 3D object inspired by TCAF. This time, Alex went back in time to the very first TCAF poster, from 2003, illustrated by celebrated Canadian cartoonist, Seth.

Alex took the dog from the poster - if you know the dog's name, please leave it in the comments! - and used ZBrush, a professional-level 3D design software and a Wacom Intous Touch graphic table to create his design. See the photos below for a walkthrough of Alex's process!

You can download the instructions for the 3D object from the Hub's Thingiverse page and print these files using the Hub's 3D printer. ZBrush and the graphic tablet Alex used are available to use at the Reference Library Hub. Here's more info or please speak to staff for details.

Want more? Check out Alex's 3D design project from TCAF 2014 and TCAF 2015.


Here's Seth's TCAF poster that inspired Alex's model:



Here's the start of Alex's 3D model using ZBrush:


Here's a 3D print out of all his parts for his 3D model:


And here's a side-by-side comparison of his 3D model and the finished 3D printed product!


Download the file and 3D print it at the Digital Innovation Hub!