Choosing Your Book Size for Asquith Press

March 22, 2016 | Dawn

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Asquith Press is a book printing service that lets you design and print quality perfect bound paperback books at a low price.

Asquith Press

This is the first in a series of tip sheets to help you format your book for a professional look.

Because you are your own publisher, you can design your book to look the way you want. One way you can customize the look of your book is by choosing the size of your book -- this is also known as trim size.

Trim Size

The trim size is described as width by height in inches. For your book to print properly, you will want to make sure that your page size matches your desired trim size.

Most paperback books range in size from 5” x 8” to 6” x 9”. However, you are not limited to pre-set trim sizes. You may choose any combination of width and height as long as it falls with the minimum (4.5” x 5.0”) and maximum (8.25” x 10.5”) limits used by Asquith Press.

The trim size of a book also depends on the number of pages and spine width. If you’re considering a long, larger format book, check our maximum trim size guidelines below to make sure that your intended book size can be printed on our book machine.

trim size

So how do you set up your page size? 

You can use any one of a variety of software packages to create your book (for example: MS Word, Pages, WordPerfect, Open Office, InDesign, etc.).

In this example, we are using Microsoft Word 2013 (available on all Toronto Public Library PCs). For other versions of Word, use the Microsoft Office Support site. For MS Word 2011 for Mac, instructions are here.

Customizing Your Page Size in MS Word 2013 (for PC)

Note: this example assumes a trim size of 6” x 9”.

1. Click on the ‘Page Layout’ tab.
2. Click on ‘Size.’
3. If the required size is not listed in the list of pre-set options, select ‘More Paper Sizes.’

Customizing Your Page Size

4. The ‘Page Setup’ menu will open.
5. Change the settings as required.
6. Check to ensure that changes apply to ‘whole document.’
7. Click on ‘okay.’

Customizing Your Page Size


It is that simple!

Remember -- you can design the book you want. It can be square or portrait- or landscape-orientation as long as it falls with the minimum (4.5” x 5.0”) and maximum (8.25” x 10.5”) limits used by the Asquith Press book machine.

Asquith Press Books have high-resolution colour covers and black and white interior pages that are great for illustrations and photos. You can print as few or as many books as you like.

We are located in the Digital Innovation Hub at the Toronto Reference Library. Contact us at 416-393-7007 or [email protected].