Asquith Press Author Appears on the Marilyn Denis Show

February 21, 2016 | Dawn

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When Crystal Adair-Benning needed 80 copies of her forthcoming book Wedding Planner Problems for her appearance on the Marilyn Denis show she turned to Asquith Press, Toronto Public Library’s book printing service, to get the copies printed quickly.

Wedding Planner Problems copies for the studio audience

We asked Crystal about her experience as a first-time author.

How did you come to write your book about life as a wedding planner?

I believe that all true writers have a book (or 12) inside of them just itching to come out. The timing just has to be right. It's like having a child, getting married or any other big life event. You can't force it. Magic happens when you just let it come, naturally. This book had been in my heart for as long as I can remember. My publisher and friend, Marnie, in one simple conversation, revealed that it was "time".

Was it a long process? Did you learn a lot?

The whole process from start to finish for me was under six months. When I finally made the decision in my head to write, it actually just happened. Organically. Naturally. Without force. It was cathartic and like spilling my soul onto the page for the world to see. Writing was easy; editing was hard. Throughout the journey, I learned, that writing, for me, isn't the hard part -- the process where I hand it over and let others feed input, assist with changes, help align the project -- that was hard. It was like revealing all my cards at poker.

Wedding Planner Problems

How did you design the look of the book?

The front cover was part whim and whimsy mixed with my incredible sarcasm and dark wit. I knew from the moment I started writing that I had to be on the front cover. It is MY story after all. But, I don't DO serious. Sorry. Just not my thing. So instead I came up with the crazy idea of a wedding gone wild with me in the middle. Calm. Poised. But somewhat cheekily "getting on with it". Collaborating with my team -- Gina Humilde from Distinct Occasions, Storey Wilkins Photography, Nicole Richards Makeup, Sweet Celebrations Cakes, Valencienne Bridal, Stemz Florals... it all just sorta "happened". I think I'm still in awe of their magic. The actual design and layout of the book was all Marnie and Meraki. Whirlwind genius -- I stepped back after writing and let them handle the inner layout of my wild heart story.

What was your experience on the Marilyn Denis show like?

Pretty funny actually! I was lucky enough to be on for fashion Friday and get a makeover to celebrate my book launch. There was pre-show back stories to shoot, a shopping day and then of course, the show. I was blessed that Marilyn Denis had actually read my book and could relate. Isn't that what all writers truly want? To connect.

Wedding Planner Problems printed at the library

Congratulations on your first book. Will you be writing another?

I've already started... a sequel to Wedding Planner Problems and something inspired by my adventures in solo female travel I think... who knows where my next writing adventure will lead? Digital Nomads forever.

Crystal sees her book for the first time in print


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