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April 14, 2015 | Greg Astill

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MaKey MaKey kits are a great way to learn more about electronics through interacting with everyday objects. Take a couple of bananas and turn them into keys for a piano or keyboard. Draw your own game controller in pencil and play a game of Pac Man. 

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The idea behind this great kit is to encourage experimentation and to help people invent. The kits are simple by design: they consist of a MaKey MaKey board, a series of alligator clips and a USB cable for power. The setup takes just a few seconds and with no programming knowledge needed. Users can start to experiment and build immediately.

Any material that can conduct a small amount of electricity can be used. Below are some examples of what you might want to use: ketchup, pencil graphite, apples, lemons, oranges, bananas, coins, aluminum foil, silverware, people and Play-Doh to name a few.

Connecting MaKey MaKey

A great deal of exercises and training templates can be found on the Makey Makey website and additional resources can be easily tracked down all over the web, including great video tutorials on Youtube and Vimeo.

The Makey Makey webpage also offers a gallery of users’ projects made with the kits.

One of my favourite projects is the Cat Bowl Photo Booth. The project works using a conductive pad, in this case silver foil. Set it up with a bowl of water and every time the cat goes for a drink, your laptop camera snaps a photo.

No special software is needed for installation and it works with Mac, Windows and Linux. The kits are great for everyone, young and old, as well as anyone who considers themselves an artist, engineer, designer, inventor or maker.

Connecting to banana, orange and a coin


Come down and check it out and be sure to bring a few bananas with you.
Have fun!!

Please note:

Fort York library will be hosting a great program called:  Play With... Music!

The session is on Sat Jul 25, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Class Description:
Make music with our Makey Makey kits. Possible projects include musical stairs, a water piano, and maybe even a banana piano!

For kids 8-12 years of age. Registration information to be announced.

Click here for more details.