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January 27, 2015 | Greg Astill

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If you have ever wanted to try video editing, now is the time. This year Toronto Public Library’s Digital Innovation Hub in the Toronto Reference Library and Fort York are proud to offer free iMovie editing classes to the public. iMovie is a great video editing tool that makes the process and technology very easy to learn. If you’ve never tried slicing a video, adding audio or using a range of transitions and video effects, then this is the place to start.

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At the moment, both Hubs offer a wide range of video editing software from iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere to name a few. iMovie is great because this software is part of the Apple OS suite. It certainly is a lot easier to get familiar with some of the tools, if you are a regular Apple user. Once you’ve conquered the video editing process in this introductory workshop, you can take more advanced software programs that are more in line with what professionals are using today.

Each attendee of the class is given a laptop, access to the software and a handful of files to play with. In two hours you’ll get a chance to explore many of the different tools available in this great software, such as using transitions and titles, adding audio and a soundtrack, cutting and splicing, and mastering the timeline.


iMovie can work with common file formats from most digital video cameras as well as files that need to be converted before use in the program. From there, users can edit the photos and video clips and add titles, music, filters and effects, including basic colour correction and video enhancement and transitions such as fades and slides. Apple worked with Abbey Road Studios in England to add original music and film scores to the sound library. And if you’re not into making movies, create a short movie trailer with one of the available templates available in the software.   

Below are some great tutorials you can find online in both book and video format. One book we have available through Safari Tech Books Online is iMovie the missing manual.

iMovie: the missing manual

And there are a tonne of videos to help guide you also. Check out Safari or even YouTube for videos like the one posted below.

For all the dates and times of the iMovie classes, visit the Toronto Public Library website. The first class, scheduled on February 25th, will open for online registration starting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

With a bit of practice, your videos will look like something straight out of Hollywood.

Have fun!!