3D Printed Subway Car

January 29, 2015 | Greg Astill

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Just a short note to let everyone know about the great article in the Toronto Star this morning about the Digital Innovation Hub's customer Richard Audette.

Toronto Star News ArticleImage Courtesy of thestar.com

Richard spent over 20 hours designing a TTC subway car that will works with any standard wooden train set. Using 3D design software, Richard decided to create this amazing toy that represented our city of Toronto.  

In the article Richard goes on to say: “It’s the train we ride, so I thought I’d design one.”

Once designed, Richard used one of the 3D printers at the Toronto Public Library's Digital Innovation Hub to print his files. After it was done, he painted the piece and added decals and logos to make it look authentic.

In addition, Richard also made his files available to others by uploading them to Thingiverse, a website dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files. 

TTC H6 Subway Car for Wood TracksImage Courtesy of Richard Audette

Just another great example of what is happening in the Hubs.  

Have fun!!