3D Printing Innovator in Communities Wrap-up

December 12, 2014 | Derek Quenneville

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Innovator in Communities program at The Hub

The Innovator in Communities 3D printing program finished up two week ago. I'm happy to report that many of our students got to take home some great 3D prints of their final projects.

There were some challenges, though.

One of the 3D modelling tools that we used, TinkerCAD, is web-based. It has the advantage of being an easy tool for beginners to learn, but internet or server problems can make it stop working. That was a source of frustration on a few occasions.

Another issue is that not everyone made it through to the final session. We learned different ways of creating 3D objects each week, so that students could decide what worked best for their final projects. But after running some successful compressed sessions at The Hub, I think that working on several smaller projects would be more engaging... Even if less total material is covered.

I think that the program went pretty well. And it was great to have people from so many age ranges and skill levels take part.

Students at The Hub, hard at work

I'm hoping that Toronto Public Library will continue to run the Innovator in Communities program. We were able to get lots of new people excited about 3D printing in a practical way.

If you haven't dropped by a Digital Innovation Hub yet, check out some of the 3D models available on Thingiverse. Maybe you'll be inspired to create something, too!

Here are a few of the 3D prints designed by our students:

Various student designs including an envelope holder, a clown head, and nameplates

3D printed bunny figure

(Post updated to add more photos.)