Work for Yourself, Not by Yourself

March 10, 2014 | Dawn

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Whether you are a freelancer, a startup, or even a small business, consider breaking away from your home office and all the distractions of home. Grab your laptop, leave the cafe, and head for a creative, community, coworking space designed for productivity and networking.

What is coworking?  Coworking is a global movement to move beyond traditional work environments and create, instead, community workspaces which foster and support collaboration and innovation.



AshleyProctor1Want to learn more?   Join Ashley Proctor, founder of The Foundery and Creative Blueprint and she examines the growing trend of coworking spaces.

Where: Toronto Reference Library, Atrium
When: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 7 pm



The Foundery is a newly renovated, open concept, downtown coworking environment equipped with high-speed wireless internet, printing and fax capabilities, a full kitchen and access to a private conference room. It's a home to a diverse community of artists, entrepreneurs, innovators & independents.

Ms. Proctor's appeareance is part of the Part of the "Monthly MeetUp" series hosted by the Toronto Reference Library's Digital Innovation Hub.