New Account Known Issues

UPDATED: March 10, 4:00 PM


  • A small number of users may experience problems signing into the new account (and library website), please contact the library if you have an issue signing in
  • When editing multiple holds or checkouts ("Edit Holds", "Edit Checkouts") you may see some items fail with a message "Oops, something went wrong. Try again. If the problem persists, please let us know.", please retry those items individually, they should succeed or a message about why they failed will display. (e.g. Item has holds for a failed renewal)
  • If you are 100% sure about your library card number and PIN and when you sign in repeatedly you get a message saying "There is a problem with either the library card number or PIN. Try again. If the problem persists, please let us know.", please email us, your account information isn't properly connected with the new sign in system and we can fix it manually.
  • Don't use this in Internet Explorer 9 and lower: there are known issues 
  • Screen readers and voice over will not properly read the screens when you change pages, work is underway to ensure screen readers and voice over work properly
  • You will need to sign in a second time to either make an online payment or update your notification settings (i.e. add or change your email address/phone number, select notification options) - this will not be the case when the account goes live
  • When using Remember Me: If loading a page and your session has timed out, you will briefly see an error message before the page refreshes. If performing an action and your session has timed out, you will see an error message indicating this however your actions will be retried.


  • Layout for holds and checkouts has been updated to show more items on the screen
  • More prominent "Due Date" information
  • A search box now displays on all pages.
  • Friendly and (hopefully) clearer messages appear about your account status and during errors
  • If you have periodicals (magazines, publications etc.) on hold, checked out, or that have incurred billed charges, your account page loads may be longer than expected
  • Sorting includes first articles (an, a, the) (should be fixed now)
  • Improvements to page load times for periodicals, still working on this
  • Forgot PIN feature NOW available
  • More helpful message for sign-in if errors, but more to do
  • Item format displays on Charges
  • Fixed a bunch of charges display issues
  • Help text added to card expiry message
  • Updated use of Colour for "Due Today" and "Due Tomorrow"

We continue to update this list as we hear from you as well as the items when they are fixed.