Get Inspired for Your Next Craft Project

March 27, 2023 | Mike

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Close up photo of a sewing machine
Sewing machine from Fabrication Studio at North York Central Library

I have to give credit to my mother-in-law for inspiring this post. She is often working on multiple projects at once – usually a mix of knitting, painting, jewelry making and quilting – depending on what is interesting to her at the moment. Her ability to switch, ahem, seamlessly between disciplines leaves me in awe, especially as my one notable craft was hand-sewing a small pillow the size of a whoopie cushion in Grade 7 or 8. The pillow was perfectly fine, except for the felt Nike logo stitched on top – backwards.

Being someone who does a lot of crafts, she loves that she can easily use her library card to download crafting magazines and get ideas for her next project. She could be at home or her cottage, it could be morning or evening – all she needs is her tablet and she is set.

Seeing as I’m not someone who does crafts, it might not have occurred to me to do this post without her. Once I started looking, it was amazing how many different online resources we had related to crafts.

So whether you’re a beginner crafter or a multi-tasking wizard like my mother-in-law, I hope you’ll find some inspiration from the magazines, videos, courses and books that we offer about different crafts!

Flipster Magazines

Use Flipster to find magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Woodworking and Threads. Back issues are available for many titles, including Martha Stewart Living.

Gale Courses

Do your friends and family tell you to turn your hobby into a business or side hustle? If so, you should check out the Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business course offered through Gale Courses.


Did you know Hoopla has a large selection of streaming videos from Craftsy? From quilts to patternmaking and bags to baskets, there is plenty to explore - all available on-demand! I’m going to learn to make a sourdough loaf and see if I can finish writing this post before it’s done.

PS. We also have Craftsy DVDs!


Kanopy offers streaming videos, including a small selection of craft videos about topics such as sewing, woodworking and doll-making. Like Hoopla, all videos are available on demand!


Like an overflowing drawer of fabric or beads, OverDrive has lots of resources to help with your projects. Browse thousands of craft books or find crafting magazines like Simply Crochet, The Knitter and Popular Woodworking.


If you’re looking for more magazines, PressReader has crafting periodicals like Cross Stitcher, Simply Sewing and Crochet World. There are also craft magazines in different languages, including French, Spanish and Italian.

Other Library Resources

Let us know in the comments what crafts and projects you want to tackle!