Six Resources for DIY Investors

October 26, 2022 | Mike

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The past couple of years have seen many major news stories related to investing. There was the pandemic crash and recovery, the popularity of meme stocks, speculative investing in NFTs and cryptocurrencies, rising inflation leading to interest rate hikes, and now fears of a recession. New investment platforms with little or no fees have also helped created a group of DIY investors who are getting into the market for the first time.

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There are also more ways than ever to get investment advice. Traditional news outlets, social media platforms, investment firms, podcasts, and friends and family are some places you might turn if you're trying to understand what to do with your investments. But who knows what they are talking about and who is giving bad advice?

Below are six resources related to investing that you can get access to for free with your library card. To get started, I would recommend choosing one company that you want to research and then look up that company in each resource. That will let you compare what each resource has to offer and get different perspectives on the company at the same time.

Don't have a library card? Sign up for one online or visit your local branch. And remember that the library also has a wide range of investment books that you can borrow, as well as investing and business courses through LinkedIn Learning, HSTalks and Gale Courses.

Business Source Complete

Use Business Source Complete to research company and industry profiles before you invest. The profiles and reports contain valuable information such as key competitors, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, key facts and more. Business Source Complete covers businesses around the world, including Canada.

Financial Post Advisor

Financial Post (FP) Advisor focuses on public and private and companies in Canada, so this is an essential resource for anyone that likes to invest within the country. Coverage includes investor reports that break down the financials of a given company, industry reports, dividend history and more.


MarketLine provides a very comprehensive platform that covers investment opportunities around the globe. MarketLine provides analysis of specific companies and industries, including industry analysis within specific countries. It also does a great job at including recent news items related to companies or sectors, as well as an Influencer database that highlights people leading innovation in select industries. MarketLine is also very easy to use with excellent features, like the SWOT analysis page in a company profile.

Mergent Intellect/Mergent Online

Mergent Intellect and Mergent Online differ in two ways. Intellect has more private company information and has a more appealing interface, while Online provides a greater depth of information. Doing a side-by-side comparison by researching the same company will help you decide with one meets your needs.

Value Line

Value Line has been providing investment research and analysis since 1931. This resource only has companies listed on US exchanges, but it still provides a lot of useful information. Value Line rates companies in areas such as Safety, Timeliness and Financial Strength, then provides a quick comparison on how that company compares to other companies in the same industry.

If you are still new to investing, the Investment Education section will help you learn the basics and get started.

Wall Street Journal

Stay up to date on the latest business news with free access to the Wall Street Journal. You will need to create a free account, but then you will get free access to the Wall Street Journal for 72 hours. Once that time has expired, you can go back and sign out another pass for 72 hours.

PressReader also contains the Wall Street Journal newspaper and other business papers.