Listen to Audiobooks the Easy Way, with Playaways!

February 15, 2019 | Wendy B.

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Digital audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the world of books. It's not hard to see why – you can listen to them while you're commuting, exercising, doing housework, or going to sleep. Even if you have a hard time reading print or holding a physical book, you can still listen to audiobooks.

But not everybody has a device they can use to download audiobooks. And not everyone has the technical knowhow to manage apps and downloads.

That's where Playaways come in! These are audiobooks that come pre-loaded onto their own devices. They're light, they're sturdy and they're simple to use. All you need is one AAA battery and your own set of headphones or speakers, and you're ready to go – you don't even need a wifi connection. You can borrow them for three weeks and renew them up to three times, just like any other audiobook. 

We have hundreds of Playaway titles for you to listen to. You can browse through a list of Playaways to place on hold or go and browse them in person at the following library branches: 

Do you have any questions or suggestions about Playaways? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This blog post has been modified. More locations have been added to the map and the list.