Ebook Etiquette: Return When Done and Share the Fun!

February 1, 2019 | Wendy B.

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via GIPHY. Image description: A boy returns a book to a friendly librarian. The caption reads: "eBooks: Return when done and share the fun!"


You're not imagining it – waiting lists for some of the most popular ebooks and eaudiobooks are getting longer. These formats are incredibly popular in Toronto, and as more and more of you discover the pleasures of e-reading, that trend is only going to continue. There are some things that you can do to help make holds lists shorter and free up your books for the next person on the list.


Return When Done

If you've finished reading an ebook before it's due, you can return it. Your device must be connected to the internet for the return to work.

  • In the Libby app, select Shelf, then select the item you want to return. Finally, select Return to Library.
  • In the Overdrive app, open your Bookshelf then tap and hold on the book cover. The option Return to Library will pop up at the bottom. 


Reduce Long Holds Lists

Here are some ways to reduce wait times for everyone:

  • If you don't need an ebook anymore, you can cancel your hold. For example, if you place holds on both the print and the ebook copy, and the print copy comes in first, consider cancelling your hold for the ebook.
  • To keep track of long lists of books you're planning to read eventually, instead of placing them on hold, you can use the Saved List function in the library catalogue, or the Wish List function in Overdrive.


Thank you for reading our public service announcement! If you have any questions about ebooks, holds or the like, please let us know in the comments.


GIF source: The Librarian, by Holmes Films Inc., courtesy of The Prelinger Archives.