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May 14, 2018 | Joanne

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Lynda.com offers tutorials led by industry experts on a variety of technical and business topics.

Here is a small sample of some new online courses recently added.


Social Media Marketing Managing Online Communities

Social Media Marketing: Managing Online Communities

Learn how to turn an online audience into an engaged community.


Career Clinic IT Insights

Career Clinic: IT Insights

This career clinic provides advice for those entering into the IT field alone with tips on keeping skills sharp and current.


Learning MATLAB

Learning MATLAB

A beginner level course on MATLAB, a popular programming language used by scientists and engineers.


  Photoshop for Teaching and Learning

Photoshop for Teaching and Learning

This intermediate level course teaches key Photoshop techniques.


HTTP Essential Training

HTTP Essential Training

Reviews key terminology, headers and flow of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).


 Excel Tracking Data Easily

Excel: Tracking Data Easily and Efficiently

This intermediate level course reviews how to build an Excel spreadsheet to track any type of data.


  Yammer 2018 Essential Training

 Yammer 2018 Essential Training

 Learn how to use Yammer to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.


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