Zinio eMagazines Now Easier to Use

March 10, 2015 | Joanne

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  • Only one Zinio library account is now needed to checkout, read and manage your magazines on a computer. You won't have to create or sign into a second Zinio account to read a magazine
  • The current issue of a magazine can be checked out right away by using the new Checkout Now icon found on the bottom right of the magazine cover

Checkout now

  • You can start reading the magazine instantly in your browser

Start Reading

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  • You can change your display preferences or delete issues within your account by selecting My Collection after signing in at Zinio eMagazines

Manage Checked Out Magazines


New Zinio for Libraries app for iPad and Android users (4.0.3 and up)

  • There is a new Zinio for Libraries app available for iPad and Android . The new app is intended for users who only borrow magazines from the library as it does not include an option to purchase magazines. It does not replace the original Zinio app; if you have a paid account you can continue to use the original Zinio app to manage the magazines you have bought as well as those checked out from the library
  • If you download the new Zinio for Libraries app it may take a week or so for your older checked out magazines to appear. If you want to read those issues, you can continue to use the original Zinio app
  • When you want a new magazine you must always start at Zinio eMagazines; the app is for reading only.
  • Note: The New Zinio for Libraries app for iPhone is scheduled for release at the end of April

Have fun reading your favorite magazines!


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