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Readings for Writers - V

November 4, 2009 | Deborah Cooke | Comments (0)

This week we've been talking about subgenres, so, some discussion about several specific subgenres:
Science Fiction Romance
Urban Fantasy Romance
You can see from the comments on these posts that my definitions are by no means indisputable!

One of the hottest trends in fiction, one which is also evident in the romance genre, is hybridizing subgenres. We're used to romantic suspense, which stands with one foot in the romance section and one in the mystery section, and paranormal or fantasy romances, which similarly straddles the line between the romance section and the fantasy/SF section of the bookstore. But there are all sorts of innovative mash-ups being published. This pick-up post is about deciding what the spine of your book is or structuring your hybrid genre book to have a spine in the first place.

Mash-ups are not as random as they might appear, and so here's some food for thought:

A Plot is Like A Sandwich

Once you know what kind of sandwich you've made, you'll have a better idea which publishers and editors might find it tasty.


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