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About the Submitted Manuscripts

November 25, 2009 | Deborah Cooke | Comments (0)

I've finally finished all of the critiques and all of the appointments. If you did not have an appointment scheduled, your work and my comments may still be in the mail, en route to you. Thank you all for your patience!

The submitted work was interesting and more diverse than I'd expected, and I wanted to ensure that I gave each partial my full attention. I quite enjoyed reading such a variety of work and hope that my comments are helpful to each of you.

One of the things I found most frustrating as an aspiring writer was the lack of solid feedback. Friends and family would tell me that my book was wonderful as it stood, while agents and editors would reject it without necessarily explaining why. So, my intent with these critiques was to provide you with something more definite, a precise area in which your manuscript could be made stronger and possibly some ideas for how to manage that. I like action plans, and this kind of observation is intended to help you make such a plan of your own. In the end, though, you have to decide for yourself what will be the best choice for your work. And you need to send it out to editors and agents.

Please keep me updated, particularly if you sell your work to a publisher. Leaving a message on my blog is the best place to let me know as that blog will be my focus after the end of the month - that's Alive & Knitting right HERE.

Good luck to all of you, and thanks again for the chance to read your work.


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