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Readings for Writers - IV

October 28, 2009 | Deborah Cooke | Comments (0)

In addition to the usual linked posts for Wednesday, I've added a new post to the queue about Manuscript Format. This is because a number of the mss that have come in for critiquing are not formatted according to protocol, so this is obviously info that people need. It'll be posted shortly.

Today's linked posts are about the synopsis, a tool of publishing which is particularly challenging for new authors to master. When you submit a proposal (or even a complete manuscript) to a publisher, part of the submission package is a synopsis. This is similar to an executive summary, and may be the only part of your proposal that many people in the publishing house read. It has to provide a certain suite of information in a concise manner.

First, the inevitable analogy:
Houses & Blueprints

Then an abbreviated version of a workshop I've taught a whole bunch of times:
Conquering the Synopsis


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