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Introductions All Around

October 5, 2009 | Deborah Cooke | Comments (5)

This is the first post in the blog for the fall 2009 writer in residence program for the Toronto Public Library. Introductions are required!

DeborahCooke2_sm I'm Deborah Cooke, the writer in residence. I'm quite excited to be the first romance writer in residence at the TPL. You can read about me on the About Deborah Cooke page, linked on the sidebar.

I'll be blogging here three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - for the next eight weeks. In terms of format, Mondays will be new posts, Wednesdays will be for links and resources, then each Friday, we'll have a guest blogger. (This week, however, due to scheduling conflicts, our guest blog will post on Thursday.)

The point of the guest blogger is to broaden our perspective. One of my theories of publishing is that there are no absolutes, which means there are no "right" answers, which means that it's healthy to hear alternate views. Also, because the romance genre is so diverse, I don't know about every niche - our guests will provide insight into other segments of the market. Plus, I'm going to try to highlight Canadian authors - maybe you'll end up with a few new authors to read.

That's the plan and we'll see how it shapes up.

In addition to the manuscript evaluation and critique that is part of the WIR program, there are some events associated with the residency. They're listed in the sidebar - if you wish to attend the closing reception, please register with the library.

Enough admin - hello everyone! Watch for two more posts this morning.


Toronto Public Library's Romance Writer-In-Residence Deborah Cooke discusses writing and getting published in the romance genre.

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