Getting Started with Webex

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Cisco Webex is an online video conferencing platform. The free Cisco Webex Meeting mobile app allows you to meet anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. 

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In order to participate in a Webex session (e.g. Join a Webex Meeting), you need to install a Webex application. This application can be downloaded anytime before the meeting starts. Once you download it for a specific browser, it will not need to be downloaded again for future sessions. However you must use the same computer and browser.

Getting Started

Join by Computer

  • If this is the first time you are joining a Webex meeting, Webex automatically downloads the app. Click the installer file to install the app.

  • If you are using a desktop computer or laptop, open your email invite and click Join. Always check your Spam Folder for the email invite if you don't see it in your mail. 

Join by Computer

  • If you receive a link to join the Webex event, you will need to provide a first name, last name, and email address. For privacy, enter only your first name or a nickname, instead of your real name. Click Join Now.

Join by Link


Join by Browser

The Join from your browser link appears on the middle of your email screen. Webex runs best on the latest versions of most browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari).

Options to Join  Browser or App

If you are using a mobile device, you must download the Cisco Webex Meetings application. Depending on your device, select the appropriate app:

  • Apple:
  • Android:

Join by Phone

If you are calling in, an app is not needed. Callers will be displayed as "Call-in-user". If you are concerned about your privacy, when calling in (before tapping the meeting phone number and password/PIN):

  • tap *67 on a landline
  • deselect sharing name/number in settings on the cell phone

Check your email link for local numbers.  Other dial-in numbers are available if calling in from other regions. Callers can mute and unmute themselves by pressing *67 or tap the mute button on their smartphone. 

  1. Click Join button in your email invite. For those who wish to call in, dial the number given. Note: If you are joining by Web Browser or Webex app you will have access to a variety of features such as Chat and viewing shared content. If you choose to call in, you will be limited to audio only.
  2. Enter a name and email address. For privacy, enter only your first name or a nickname, instead of your real name.
  3. Enter the password to the meeting if there is one. For those who are calling in, enter the access code to the meeting/event.
  4. Click Allow access if your  browser requests permission to access your computer's camera and microphone. If you do not allow access to your microphone, you will not be able to verbally participate in the discussion.

For Webex Meetings, a video preview will let you see how you will look to others before you join the meeting. Enable your camera if you wish but turning it off allows for better reception. The Use computer for audio is the default audio setting for using your computer speakers or attached headset. Confirm by clicking Join meeting

Audio and Video Settings

What to Expect

When you enter the Webex Meeting Room, Hosting staff will ensure there are no technical issues being experienced.

  • You will receive a brief overview of the features of Webex Meeting or Webex Events.
  • Use the Chat if you are experiencing any issues.
  • Another Staff will monitor the chat for questions or comments about Webex throughout the meeting and assist with troubleshooting any technical issues.
  • Hosting Staff will monitor if there are participants who join by calling in and will try to accommodate by describing audibly questions in the chat and other visual events.

How to use Webex

Most icons appear at the bottom of the screen. You may or may not see the icon listed or have access to the features indicated as it depends on if the Webex you join is a meeting or an event and your role in the meeting or event (host; attendee/participant; co-host/co-instructor; presenter). Each icon in the image below is explained from left to right.

Webex Screen Layout & Features

  1. Menu Items that includes:
    • File (Share, Poll Questions, Chat, Leave Meeting, etc.)
    • Edit (Font, Preferences)
    • Share (content, web browser, multimedia, meeting window)
    • View options for your screen
    • Audio (connection, speaker, microphone, camera, changing virtual background, connect to a device, etc.)
    • Participant (muting, entry and exit tone, invite and remind, copy meeting link, sharing, assigning privileges, changing role, etc.)
    • Meeting (information, recording and recorder settings, welcome message, meeting options, locking meeting)
    • Help
  2. i: Meeting information
  3. Microphone: Click on the microphone icon to mute or unmute.
  4. Camera: Click on the camera icon to turn it on (black color) or off (red color).
  5. Share Content (Up Arrow): Click on the icon when you want to share your content. You can select Screen 1 or any other screen from the list i.e. application (Word, Excel, .pptx, etc.) or browser you have open. The host can share content and has the ability to allow any or selected participants to share content. Select Screen to Share
  6. Recorder: Click to record the meeting. Attendees/participants should be notified if a session is being recorded and why. The rationale for recording needs to respect everyone’s privacy and aligns with TPL’s policies.
  7. Participants: Click on the person icon to see the list of participants.
  8. Chat bubble: Click to open the chat area and type a question or comment. Everyone in the Webex will see your message. A red dot on the corner of the icon indicates that there are new chat messages. You can send a private chat to the Host or a participant by clicking the drop down icon V. Select Participant to Chat
  9. 3–Dot Menu: This icon lists more options (lock meeting; invite and remind; copy meeting link; audio connections; speaker, microphone, and camera; and connect to a device). Do not change any of these settings. Settings should only be changed if technical troubleshooting is required.
  10. X: Click on the X icon to end or leave the meeting. Hosts should be sure to End meeting when program is completed. If Leave the meeting is selected, attendees/participants can continue without proper support.
  11. Icons for screen layout views available on the desktop app:
    • Single view—Displays a full-screen video of the speaker. The Single view is the video-only layout that is used in meetings between two people.
    • Overlay view—This is the default video-only layout and displays whoever is speaking in the primary video, while allowing you to see thumbnail views of other participants. You can see up to eight thumbnail videos of other participants. The order of the thumbnail videos is based on who has the host and presenter roles, who has spoken most recently, who is showing their video, and alphabetical order. The participants who have spoken most recently appear first, followed by participants who are showing their video.
    • Grid view—The grid view allows you to see up to 16 participants at the same time. The sort order of the thumbnail videos is based on who has the host and presenter roles, who has spoken most recently, who is showing their video, and alphabetical order. The participants who have spoken most recently appear first, followed by participants who are showing their video.
  12. Floating Panel view: The Floating view allows you to make the view of the other speaker full-screen. You can change your self-view video preference and focus on the people who are showing video by hiding all the participants who aren't on video.


Did not receive the email invitation
Check your Spam Folder.

Sharp echoing/pinging sounds
This is due to having more than one Webex session open and/or using more than one device to log into the Webex session. Close extra Webex session; mute microphone; log off extra devices; use only one device.

Camera and/or microphone does not work
Click on camera; click on microphone. Go to your device settings and allow (app) access to your camera and microphone. Try Webex on another browser.

Unable to hear when calling in / during a call
Check the volume on your device; tap the mute button if there is one; tap *6.
Poor connection/loss connection
Move to a different spot from where you are i.e. where your WiFi signal is strongest; close any website windows that may be open; turn off camera. 

Message "It looks like you're using a browser we don't support"
Check to see if you have the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Message "You need the Webex app to join .. on your mobile … Download the App, etc."
Download the appropriate app for your device.



Last Updated April 30, 2021