Getting Started with Jitsi Meet

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Jitsi video conferencing platform, is a free and open source video conference application. No additional software installation is required. Although it runs in most browsers (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari), it works best in Google Chrome.

If you are using a mobile device, you must download the Jitsi app. Depending on your device, select the appropriate app:

Image: Jitsi Apps


If calling in, an app is not needed. However, to ensure their name/phone number is not displayed, caller must (before tapping the meeting phone number and password/PIN):

  • tap *67 on a landline
  • deselect sharing name/number in settings on the cell phone

The number to join a meeting is 437-538-3987 (Canada). If needed, ask staff for more/other dial-in numbers.


Instructions and Information for Participants

  1. Click on the Jitsi link or copy/paste the link to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Remember to grant permission to use the microphone and video. For those who wish to call in, dial the number given. Remember to dial *67 on a landline first or deselect sharing name/number in settings on a cell phone to ensure your name/number is not displayed.
  2. Enter the password to the meeting if there is one. For those who are calling in, enter the password/PIN to the meeting.
  3. Click Allow access if your browser request permission to access your computer’s camera and microphone. Video is optional but you will not be able to verbally participate in the discussion if you do not allow access to your microphone.
  4. Enable your camera if you wish but turning it off allows for better reception for all.


What to expect

  1. When you enter the Jitsi Meeting Room, Staff will ensure there are no technical issues experienced.
  2. You will receive a brief overview of the features of Jitsi.
  3. Use the Chat Box or hand if you are experiencing any issues and would like to speak next.
  4. Another Staff will monitor the chat for questions or comments about Jitsi throughout the meeting and assist with troubleshooting any technical issues.


How to use Jitsi Meet

At the bottom of the screen in Jitsi you will see nine icons, see below for a screen shot. Each icon will be explained from left to right.

Jitsi Icons

  1. Microphone: Click on the microphone icon to mute or unmute yourself. When you are muted you will see a diagonal line through the icon. To unmute, click the icon again and the line will disappear.
  2. Camera: Click on the camera icon to turn it on or off.
  3. TV screen: Click on the icon when you want to share your screen.
  4. Chat bubble: Click to type a question in the group chat. Everyone in the online call will see your message. A number by the chat bubble indicates that there are new chats to read.
  5. Hand: Click on the hand to indicate you would like to say something/when you wish to speak.
  6. Tiles: This icon toggle off tile view. This will shift the other participants to the left side of the screen so more of the middle part of the screen will be visible.
  7. Invite People: This information icon shows the video conference information. You can copy the meeting invitation and information; share the meeting link via eMail; obtain the PIN to the meeting; get other dial-in phone numbers to join the meeting.
  8. 3 Dot Menu: This icon lists the Jitsi settings and more options. Do not change any of these settings.
  9. Telephone: Click on the telephone icon to leave the meeting.



Sharp echoing/pinging sounds
This is due to having more than one Jitsi meeting window open and/or using more than one device to log into the Jitsi meeting. Close extra Jitsi windows; mute microphone; log off extra devices; use only one device.

Camera and/or microphone does not work
Click on camera; click on microphone. Go to your device settings and allow (app) access to your camera and microphone. Try Jitsi on another browser.

Unable to hear when calling in / during a call
Check the volume on your device; tap the mute button if there is one; tap *6.

Message: Error obtaining microphone or camera permission:
Error obtaining camera permission

Error obtaining microphone permission
This is a permission issue with the browser. 
Click on the padlock icon to the left of the url address bar and open the Site settings OR click on the camera icon on the right side of the address bar and click Manage. Change camera and microphone to Allow.

Poor connection/loss connection
Move to a different spot from where you are i.e. where your WiFi signal is strongest; close any website windows that may be open; turn off camera. 

Message "It looks like you're using a browser we don't support"
Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Note: TOR is OK to use.
Message "You need Jitsi Meet to join .. on your mobile … Download the App, etc."
Download the appropriate app for your device. 

Meting members seem to be in a different ‘room’ despite using the same link
Close the Jitsi meeting i.e. click on the Telephone icon to leave the meeting, close the Chrome browser, then open another Chrome browser and paste the link. Check the link - if you see there is "%20" at the end, remove it.




Last updated April 30, 2021