Getting Started with Crowdcast

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Crowdcast is a live video platform for webinars, Q&As, courses, concerts, and online conferences. The platform is a place for people to join live events and connect with each other/the community.

Crowdcast works best on a laptop or desktop computer using the latest browsers:

Crowdcast events can be watched on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device right in the browser. No download is required for Android devices. However, it is recommended to download the iOS Crowdcast mobile app iPhone & iPad (

Getting Started

Each Crowdcast event is linked to a single URL. You use the same link to register, join, and watch live or watch a replay of the event.

Click the Cowdcast link to the event. 

If this is your first Crowdcast event, follow the instructions to join, register, and take the tour.



Take the Tour

If this is not your first Crowdcast event, fill in the necessary information  (email and password) at the Join Event window that pops up or click Email me a login link.

Join Event

When it is time, click on the login link in your email. You will be in the Audience. Feel free to say something in the Chat Area.

If you did not receive the login in link, check your junk/spam email box to make sure the link did not end up there.

How to use Crowdcast

When you enter the Crowdcast event, the screen layout and features are as follows (from left to right):

  1. Event Information. This is where you find the date, time, and the URL for the event.
  2. The name of the host of the program. You can click Follow to follow the host.
  3. Green Follow button is to receive notification on the next time the host goes live.
  4. Share opens up an window for you to share the event to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  5. Options allows you to turn event notifications off, un-register from the event, or add the event to a calendar.
  6. Four square corner icon toggles the screen to full screen.
  7. Status of the event - when it is starting, Speaker is Getting Ready, etc.
  8. Green button is a link that can take you to other information/site related to the event.
  9. Ask a Question can be clicked on to ask a question, see other questions, and vote on a question listed. The question with the most votes will move to the top of the list. Note: Beside the Ask a Question may be a Poll that participants can take part in.
  10. Chat Area is where you can interact with others in the event when they say something in the Chat Area.
  11. Emoticons has a number of emoticons you can use in your chat.

Crowdcast Event Screen Layout & Features

Missed the Event?

If the host did not archive the event or remove the video, you can navigate to the url you used to join/register for the event and watch the replay. You can also log in to your Crowdcast account and go to My Events and select the event to view.


Some Crowdcast troubleshooting issues includes:

The browser
Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Did not receive the email link to join
Check your junk/spam email box to make sure the link is not there.

Hearing an echo
If you hear an echo, you may have two browser tabs or windows open. Close the duplicate browser tabs. Check also to see if you happened to have opened the Crowdcast event multiple times by accident and close all other Crowdcast pages.

Blurry Video 
Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date. Also try to exit / log off the event and re-join again.

Connection issues
Check your Internet connection or WiFi. Move to an area where the WiFi signal is strongest.

Cannot hear the speaker(s) or the speaker has gone silent
Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; refresh the page; check the Chat Area for any announcement from the host about the speaker experiencing any technical issues.

Video frozen/stuttering or audio is skipping
Check to see if broadcast is accidentally paused; exit/log off the event and re-join; refresh browser; enable Compatibility Mode.



Last updated July 23, 2021