Getting Started with LawDepot

Law Depot offers access to over one hundred do-it-yourself  legal forms relating to wills, power of attorney, loan agreements, bills of sale, residential lease agreements, landlord/tenant notices, marriage & family law and more.

All forms, contracts and agreements are created by a team of lawyers and are updated often in accordance with changes in the law. The forms are specific to the province of Ontario and Canada.  This service does not offer legal advice.

How to Access LawDepot

On mobile devices:

Access LawDepot through OverDrive's Libby app.  This is the same app that is used to borrow OverDrive eBooks, eAudiobooks and Magazines.  

If OverDrive's free Libby app is not already available on your mobile device, download and install the app.  Follow the prompts to sign into Libby with your Toronto Public Library card.  More information on this process is available at Libby Help - Getting Started with Libby .

Apple (iOS) mobile devices:  'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' will need to be turned off while using LawDepot to allow login/account information to be retained by the app.  To allow Cross-Site Tracking, open Settings and find Safari.  Tap to open. Scroll down to the Privacy & Security section and toggle the option off.  It can be turned on again after using LawDepot. 

  1. In the Library section of the app, scroll down to the Extras section.
  2. Tap on "LawDepot". 
  3. Tap on "Get". 
  4. A 30-day LawDepot pass will be checked out to your OverDrive account.  
  5. The default browser on your device will launch, open the LawDepot website and automatically sign in.  
  6. The LawDepot pass will be listed under Shelf in your Libby app.  Tap on the pass to return to LawDepot anytime during the borrowing period. 

On computers:

Access through Toronto Public Library using the Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge browser.  The sign in process uses the website version of the Libby app.  More information on this process is available at Libby Help - Getting Started with Libby .

  1. Search for LawDepot on the Toronto Public Library website
  2. Click on the "Access Online" button.
  3. On the Toronto Public Library OverDrive Extras webpage, click on "LawDepot".
  4. The website will open.  Follow the prompts to sign in with your Toronto Public Library card number. 
  5. Click the "Open!" button
  6. Click on "Get Access" button then on "Continue to Law Depot". A 30-day LawDepot pass will be checked out to your OverDrive account.  
  7. The LawDepot website will open and automatically sign in using your OverDrive account.
  8. Repeat the process to return to LawDepot.  Depending on your browser setup, LawDepot may open automatically after step 3.

Using LawDepot

  • Select the form you would like to complete. Answer any questions and begin typing into the blank fields. The forms will be formatted automatically and can be previewed while in progress. 
  • Documents can be deleted through the My Documents section of LawDepot.
  • There is no limit on the number of forms that can be created, or passes that can be accessed. 
  • Not all documents available through LawDepot are included in a public library subscriptions.   
  • The borrowing process will assign a LawDepot account to you in the form of a dummy (not real) OverDrive email address.  Personal accounts cannot be used with the Library's subscription.
  • Once the first 30-days pass has expired, repeat the borrowing process to receive another 30-day pass and access your documents again.  The same dummy email address will continue to be assigned to you, as long as your library card number does not change. 
  • As LawDepot accounts are linked to library card numbers, when a library card is replaced, access to the previous LawDepot account is lost.  At this time, LawDepot is unable to recover documents created with a previous library card number.  For this reason, it is recommended that all documents created through LawDepot be downloaded to personal devices.
  • Customers with a LawDepot account created prior to the migration to Overdrive (December 24, 2021)  may sign in directly to with their old credentials BUT  access to previous documents will not be available for editing, printing or saving through the Toronto Public Library subscription. 

LawDepot and Your Privacy

LawDepot is a third-party service that is governed by its own Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and  Privacy Policy  We advise you to consult these documents before using this service.

Updated June 21, 2022