Getting Started with SAGE Video

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SAGE Video is a collection of streaming videos in the disciplines of business & management, counseling & psychotherapy, leadership, and nursing for university and college students.

How to Access SAGE Video

  1. Go to
  2. Enter 'SAGE Video' in the search box
  3. Select Access Online
  4. Enter your library card number and PIN and select Sign In
  5. Select Continue

Search results page


Basic and Advanced

In basic search, you search first and can filter the search results second. In advanced search, you can apply filters first. You don't need to filter by video content. Only videos appear in the results. 

Advanced search also allows you to search by author, to confine a search to specific fields (e.g. title) and to construct Boolean searches. The author is the speaker in the video, often an academic or practitioner.

Note that not all filters are applicable. E.g. the filters for disciplines other than the ones listed above (business & management, counseling & psychotherapy, etc.) aren't.

Basic search box with advanced search link

To start a new search, select SAGE Video at the tops of search results or select it under Collections at the top of the page.

Search Results

The videos in the search results are either parts of videos ("chapters") or entire videos (all of the chapters). To see the chapters of a video in order, select the "Chapter in..." title of the video. 

You may also use the Works and Sections filters to limit search results to entire videos ("Entire Works"). 

The type of the video (e.g. documentary, tutorial) appears next to SAGE Video at the tops of search results. Use the filter Content types > Video to limit search results by type.


Select Discipline on the home page to browse videos by subject within a discipline, e.g.:

  • Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management or Marketing within Business & Management
  • Counseling Setting / Client Groups or Theory & Approaches within Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Leadership Contexts, Characteristics And Traits or Leadership In Practice within Leadership
  • Nursing & The Health Care Environment or Nursing Research, Scholarship & Evidence-Based Practice within Nursing

To browse all the videos, scroll down and select Browse all SAGE Video. You may sort the videos by title or publication date; or filter them, as with the results of a search.

Browse all videos tab

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For more information or for help, please contact our Answerline service.