Getting Started with Mergent Online


Mergent Online provides information for investors on more than 10,000 publicly-traded U.S., Canadian and international companies, organized in company reports. Profiles for each company includes: financial details of companies; earnings estimates; stock information; business description; executives; competitors; and current headline news.

Mergent Online provides the ability to create custom reports for a company, as well as compare reports of multiple companies. Also included are detailed country profiles and industry profiles.

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Note: The Toronto Public Library does not subscribe to the D&B private company database.

How to access Mergent Online

  1. Go to the library's website
  2. Enter "Mergent Online" in the library's search box.
  3. Select "Access Online" under Mergent Online
  4. Enter your library card number and PIN

Search Mergent Online


Basic Search

In Basic Search there are three different search tools:

  1. Company Name Search
  2. Classification Search
  3. Country Profiles



A. Company Name Search 

To find a company by name or ticker symbol – use the “Company Search” box under the “Basic Search” tab. As you start to type the company name or ticker symbol, results will appear below the search box. Click on one of these results to get that company’s report.


Alternatively, you can enter one or more letters to search for a string of company names and click on "GO" for the "total company matches" and get a report by clicking on a company from the list of search results.

Lob search

Company Report Page

The company report page provides a detailed look at a company. At the top of all company report pages is a quick company summary, followed by detailed headings.


  1. To add the company to your "Company Analysis List" click on +
  2. "Change Company" search box allows you to quickly search for another company name without returning to the basic search page.
  3. Company reports are divided into tabs. "Report Builder" is a feature that allows you to quickly take the headings and sub-headings and generate your own report. The reports can be generated in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML format. The Excel format is, of course, more suitable for numeric/financial data. The Word and PDF formats can be used for all data forms. Note: You will need the appropriate software installed on your computer to view these report formats.
  4. Click on the "Download" icon to save the page you are currently into Excel. Click the printer icon to have a printer friendly version of the page created.
  5. "My Mergent Tools" is a feature that shows you how many companies/executives you have selected to compare and brings you to the comparison page when you have finished selecting. Note: The Company and Executive Alerts options is not activated for Toronto Public Library subscribers.

B. Classification Search

To find a company or a list of companies by their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) or Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) codes – use "Classification Search" under the "Basic Search" tab. This search feature allows you to generate a list of companies that can be downloaded to Excel.

  1. In "Basic Search," under "Classification Search," click on the radio button next to the classification system you would like to use.
  2. Enter the classification code or use the “code lookup”, to look it up.
  3. Limit by exchange, index, or country.
    TIP: Enter the first part of a code to find all companies whose code starts with that part or separate multiple codes by commas.


C.) Country Profiles

Country profiles provide statistical data and comprehensive country reports with history, people, government, economic, trade, and industrial information for over 100 countries. Use the drop down menu to locate and select the country. 

Country profile

Advanced Search

To search for information within a company report, click on the "Advanced Search" tab at the top of the main page. For example: to find out which company Taco Bell is a subsidiary of:

  1. Click on the + sign in front of "Subsidiary." This opens the subsidiary search box.
  2. Enter "taco bell" (with quotations) into the search box that appears below
  3. Click on "Submit"
  4. Then on "View"

Note: If you do not place quotations on either side of “taco bell” advanced search will search for all companies with subsidiaries with Bell and Taco in their title. 


Industry Reports

In Industry Analysis you can interactively explore Industry characteristics data through charts and tables as well as access PDF reports based on Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) classifications.

  1. To find an industry report, click on the "Industry Analysis" tab on the banner at the top of the page.
  2. Click on "Reports". There are three different types of reports that you can download:
    Industry – Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) Industry Reports display characteristics of a given Industry based on Russell 1000 index membership. 
    Supersector - ICB Supersector Reports display characteristics of a given Supersector based on Russell 1000 index membership. 
    Mergent Reports – Covers 20 of the largest global industries, with coverage for North America, Europe, Asia, and global geographic areas. Content includes: Current Environment, Industry Profile, Key Points, Key References, Market Trends & Outlook. Each section reports separately on the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Select one or more reports and click on "Download".   



TIP: To find the industry that a company is part of, do a "Company Search." The industry is listed under the company summary with (with SIC and NAICS codes).

For more information or for help, please contact out Answerline Service.