Getting Started with O'Reilly Learning


O'Reilly Learning offers the latest streaming books and videos from major technology and business publishers covering topics such as web and software development, management, marketing and more. It includes over 30,000 of video, case studies, learning paths, audiobooks, an answers section, interactive tutorials and study materials for certification.

A limited number of "seats" are available – if access to O’Reilly is not granted initially, check back in 15 - 30 minutes and a seat should then be available.


  • Books, videos, audiobooks and courses are streaming only and cannot be downloaded. O'Reilly Learning can be enjoyed using an Internet browser on a personal computer or mobile device.
  • Items are always available and multiple customers can access the same item at the same time. No checkouts or renewals needed.
  • Any personalized features (e.g. playlists, highlights)  used during a session will not be saved.
  • O’Reilly app is not compatible with access through the public library.

How to Access O'Reilly Learning

  1. Go to and enter "o'reilly learning" in the search box
  2. Click on Access Online under O'Reilly Learning
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN

Home page

How to Search O'Reilly Learning

Enter a title, author, topic, publisher or keyword(s) in the search box at the top left and click Enter.

Your search will bring up books, videos, learning paths,  playlists and audiobooks.

Search box with 'python'

Book Results

To find Book results, select Books from the results page.

Filter by format

Filter book results by publisher, publication date or rating.

Search results are sorted by relevance by default. You can also sort by date added or publication date.

When you find a book that you would like to read, click on the book cover, or book title to begin.

Click on Start Reading Now. The "TIME TO COMPLETE" is the average amount of time that is required to read the material, watch the video and/or complete any tasks required by the content.

Use the Next and Prev buttons at the top to navigate the pages of the book.

On the right you can search inside the book, change the font size or change the background.

Reading options

Video Results

To find video results, select Videos from the results page.

Filter video results by video type, publisher, publication date or rating.

Video filters

When you find a video that you would like to watch, click on the image or title.

Click Start to start the video. You can watch the video in full screen mode. The playback speed can be adjusted upwards or downwards.

Closed captions and transcripts may be available for the video. 

Use the Back button to go back to search results or click on the home icon to start a new search.

 Browsing  O'Reilly Learning


Left menu options

Explore All Topics

Click Explore on the left and then All Topics to browse titles by broad categories such as business, career development, data, design, hardware, math, science, engineering, security, software development, system administration, travel & hobbies, web & mobile.

Once you choose a broad topic subtopics appear. 

Explore topics

Sort by popularity or format such as books, case studies, learning path, playlist or video.

Other Options

  • Early Releases option on the left allows you to see pre-release titles for the most up-to-date information
  • Shared Playlists option- Click on the Discover tab to see expert playlists. You can save a playlist but it is only active during the session
  • Most Popular titles displays the most popular titles sorted by popularity
  • Resource Centers - Discover 26 content lists curated by O'Reilly Editors
  • Answers - Type in a question and O'Reilly will provide the answer with relevant book chapters and video

For more information or for help, please contact  our Answerline service.