Getting Started with MarketLine


MarketLine is an international collection of:

  • Industry reports covering nearly 50 countries, 30 market sectors and 150 categories
  • Company reports including SWOT analysis, history, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and agreements, news and product information
  • Country statistics with macro/socio-economic and demographic data

How to access MarketLine

  1. Using a library computer at the Toronto Reference Library or North York Central Library, open a web browser and click on Articles and Online Resources.

    Articles and
  2. Click on M or scroll down to MarketLine and click Access Online



  • Browse by sector to find industry reports. The tree structure allows you to filter down to find the exact industry you are researching. The narrower categories can be found at the right of the screen. (e.g. Transport and Logistics > Passenger Transportation > Air)
  • Under Refine your search, narrow your results further by geography, company information or publication date. (e.g. By Geography: North America > Canada)
  • Keyword search is also available.


MarketLine offers browsing and keyword searching. If you know the company name, you can search directly for it from the search box on the landing page. (e.g. Air Canada)


MarketLine provides in-depth country analysis including information on the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental landscape for over 100 countries. Each section contains a summary, performance evaluation as well as the outlook in that sector.


  • Search results in MarketLine show related industries, companies, company news, case studies, financial deals and country reports where available.
  • Once you have found the desired report, click on the name to open a summary and table of contents.
  • The table of contents allows you to quickly glance through the main sections in your browser without having to download the full PDF file.

Print and Download

Click Download full Report to save a PDF copy to your USB flash drive. The PDF file can also be printed or emailed.


To go back to your list of search/browse results, press the back button on your browser. To return to the homepage, click on the MarketLine logo or Home underneath it.


For more information or for help, please contact:

  • North York Central Library, Business, Science & Technology Department, 416-395-5613
  • Toronto Reference Library, Business, Science & Technology Department, 416-393-7149