Getting Started with SAGE Journals

SAGE Journals offers full-text access from 1999 (dates of coverage vary) to over 900 peer-reviewed journals in the following disciplines:

Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Materials Sciences and Engineering, Life and Biomedical Sciences

How to access SAGE Journals

  1. Go to the library's home page and enter “Sage Journals” in the search box
  2. Click on Access Online under SAGE Journals
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN 


  • Search by keyword (to search all parts of articles, including the abstract and text of the article); or use Advanced search to restrict a keyword search to one of, or a combination of, the following fields: title, author, “keywords,” abstract and affiliation. The “keywords” field contains subject headings for the article. These can be seen (and searched with) by clicking on “Abstract” in the search results.
  • Search within a journal on the Advanced search page. Enter a word of (or a string of characters in) the title of the journal in the “Published in” search box and select a title from the list of titles that appears below.
  • Restrict results to full-text articles by selecting “Only content I have full access to” on the Advanced search page.


  • Browse journals by clicking on “All SAGE Journals.” Browse them by discipline and, within a discipline, by subject on the Browse page by selecting from the Discipline and Subject drop-down menus. NOTE: the list of titles will only be refreshed when you press “Enter” or click on a clear space on the screen. Search for a journal by title keyword using the “Search Within” search box.
  • Browse a journal by clicking on its title, then by rolling your cursor over “Browse” (at the top of the page) and selecting “Current Issue,” “Online First” or “All Issues.” Issues are listed by publication year. Articles in an issue are listed by page number. Online First “articles are published before they appear in a print or online issue of a journal to deliver the latest research as quickly as possible.”

Search Results

Refine Search Click here to use the Advanced search page to add search terms, search within a journal, and limit to full-text articles.

Sort: Relevance Menu Use this menu to change the default sort from relevance to date, most cited or most downloaded.

Article Type Filter by Article Type, Publication Date, and Subject on the right of the results.

Green lock The full text of the article is available in this e-resource.

Grey lock Full text of article not available; only citation and abstract.

HTML view HTML view of article, with search terms highlighted. You also get to this view, when available, by clicking on title.

PDF PDF view of article. You also get to this view by clicking on title when the HTML view isn’t available.

My Account

Select “My Account” next to the Sign in prompt (top right hand corner) to create a personal account with an email address and password to save searches or sign up for new content alerts. Select the “My Tools” tab at the top to see your alerts, saved searches and favorite journals.


For more information or for help, please contact our Answerline service.