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The Business & Management Collection (TBMC)

The Business & Management Collection (TBMC) of HSTalks contains over 1,100 specially commissioned, multi-media, online lectures and case studies by experts from academia, industry, and commerce. There are over 950 contributing editors, speakers and case study presenters and more than 30,000 informative slides. All content can be embedded in Moodle, Blackboard and other online learning environments.

How to access The Business & Management Collection (TBMC)

  1. Go to and enter “hstalks” in the search TBMC
  2. Click Access Online under HSTalks.
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN and click Sign In and Continue.

  4. Click the drop down icon on the upper right click GO under The Business & Management Collection.
  5. Choose one of the following to begin a search:
    • Search and enter search terms
    • Click Subjects to browse a list of subject areas
    • Search for Talks or Articles
Search TBMC

Click the HSTalks icon to return to the home screen.


Search results will indicate the number of Talks, Series, Experts or Journals that you can click on to refine the results.

Search Results for Management, Leadership & Organization

Depending on the search, use Filters to narrow the results by:

Filters for TBMC

  • Format
  • Talk Duration
  • Category
  • Availability
  • Date Published
  • Subtitles (if any)
  • Case Studies

To play a talk, click (1) Play or the (2) title or the (3) thumbnail image of the talk.

PlayTalk TBMC


More Details option has the following features:

MoreDetails TBMC

  • Topics Covered
  • Slide Index
  • Speaker's Bio
  • LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings)

Available options and functions when viewing a talk:

  1. Open a PDF of the slides in a format suitable for printing and making notes
  2. Jump to a selected slide
  3. View reflective questions on the talk (when available)
  4. View the topics covered in this talk
  5. View internal and external links
  6. View the talk’s citation (APA format)
  7. Control the playback speed of the video
  8. Add subtititles (when available)
  9. Embed the talk in a virtual learning system (e.g. Moodle, or Blackboard), a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, or an email.

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