Getting Started with SAMS Technical Publishing (Schematics)

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SAMS Technical Publishing (Schematics) is a database of repair manuals for consumer electronics (e.g. TVs, radios and VCRs).

This eResource includes manuals published since 1946 by SAMS; manuals published 1925-1950 by John F. Rider (for radios only until 1946-when television was introduced) as The Perpetual Troubleshooter’s Manual; and OEM (“original equipment manufacturer”) manuals; and covering the latest in television, including HDTV, Plasma and LCD monitors.

SAMS Photofact© manuals include “complete sets of schematics with voltages, wave forms, component location guides, parts list and service adjustments.”

SAMS Quickfact manuals are “designed to help with the repair of newer TVs [and] include a power supply schematic, a board placement diagram with connector charts, component locations, service adjustments and parts list.”

OEM manuals vary in content. The service manuals “may contain some detailed drawings, diagrams, schematics or parts list.” The owners’ manuals “usually contain a small troubleshooting section” only.

How to access SAMS

Go to and enter “sams” in the search window

Toronto Public Library search box with 'sams' typed in


Click on Access Online under SAMS Technical Publishing

Enter your library card number and PIN, then select 'Continue' on the subsequent page.

Click on 'Continue' to proceed

Search by the model or chassis number—or a portion of it (“containing”), then sort by brand or model/chassis number—for the best results. Searching by brand would require a lot of browsing. The SAMs and Item numbers are publication and database numbers.

Drop-down menu showing Model/Chassis selected


Click the .pdf icon  Pdfto open the manual. If the item is not available for instant download click the blue arrow icon blue arrow iconto request that it be added to the resource. It takes 1-2 business days for the manual to be added.

Pages of manuals can be too small to read online and when printed. To enlarge the page online, click on the zoom button.

To print an enlarged section of the page—or print the page in sections—use the “Take a Snapshot” tool on the Edit menu to select the section then click on the area. In the print dialogue box, select “Selected graphic” and “Fit” before clicking on Print.

To rotate a page that’s on its side, use “Rotate View” on the View menu.



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