Getting Started with JSTOR


JSTOR is a full-text digital archive of scholarly books and journals and research papers.  Subjects include area studies, arts, business and economics, history, humanities, law, medicine, science and mathematics and social sciences. 

Most journals are available from the first issue up to the most recent 2-5 years.

There are also nine collections of British 19th century pamphlets, often assembled by MPs on social and political issues of the day. E.g. the Hume Tracts covering the current major reforms; and the Wilson Anti-Slavery Collection covering the activities of provincial philanthropic societies.

How to access JSTOR

  1. Go to and enter JSTOR in the search box
  2. Click on Access Online under JSTOR
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN


Enter search terms in the basic search box on the main page to search all content in all disciplines. 

JSTOR basic search

Put the search terms in quotation marks to search for an exact phrase (e.g. "to be or not to be").

Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to construct complex searches, e.g. "tea trade" AND smuggling.

Use Advanced Search to limit a search by: type (articles, books, miscellaneous), pamphlets, research reports, reviews); language, publication date; title (of the journal or book that the article or chapter is in; and/or by discipline. Miscellaneous refers to parts of a journal other than the articles, such as the table of contents, list of contributors and ads.

You can also direct your search to a specific field such as author, title (of article or chapter), abstract or caption.

Search results default to accessible content, i.e. the part of JSTOR that the library subscribes to. To include results from all of JSTOR, click on "All Content." Content you can't access is marked X.

You can search within results and further limit them by type, publication date and subject.

View Search Results

To view results, click on the title of the item or on the "Download PDF" button on the right. To print results, view the item as a PDF. To save results, log into your account (or register) and click on "Save." To view a citation in MLA, APA or Chicago style, click on "Cite this item."

Having viewed an article by clicking on its title, you can browse:

  • the issue the article's in by clicking on the "Previous item" or "Next item" (next to the picture of the cover)
  • the issue's table of contents by clicking on the volume and issue numbers near the top of the screen
  • all issues of the journal (and search within them) by clicking on the cover

Click on Browse at the top of the screen to browse JSTOR by subject, title (of publication) or publisher.

Browse results are organized by type (journals, books, etc.) There are thousands of books but only about 5% on average are accessible ("Open Access"). Subjects with a lot of them are: History, Language & Literature, Political Science and Transportation Studies. Click on the Books tab, then type Ctrl F and enter "open access" to go quickly from accessible book to accessible book in the list. 

The pamphlet collections are under the subjects British studies, History and Political Science.


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