Getting Started with Mango Languages


Mango Languages A language learning resource offering courses in more than 70 languages. Also includes 21 English courses for non-English speakers in their own language. Interactive exercises incorporate culture notes, vocabulary and grammar.

How to access Mango Languages

    1. Go to and enter 'mango' in the search window.        
      MangoLang01 SearchScreen

      You can also enter in the address box.  

    2. Click Access Online under Mango Languages
    3. Enter your library card number and PIN and click Sign In.
    4. Use Mango as a Guest and click on a language to begin learning.
    5. Select a unit and chapter to start learning OR



Create a Profile on the top right t

    o Sign Up for a free Mango profile so you can track your progress and continue where you last left off

Type your name, email address, postal code and password and click Create Free Profile

Already have a Mango Profile? 

  • On the language page, hover over Guest User at the top right, click Sign Out.
  • Enter your username or email address and password and click Log In.

How to Search Mango Languages 

  • Choose from the languages listed on the screen  
  • Click See All Languages and select one of over 70 language courses
  • Search for a language

At the top of the screen:

Takes you back to the language you are currently learning when you are at Explore or Tools.

Mango Premiere that teaches a new language by watching foreign films with full subtitles in both languages. Viewers learn to understand both written text and speech as the film plays. The "Movie Mode" plays the film with subtitles in the language the viewer wishes to learn. "Engaged Mode" takes the viewer through the film scene by scene, with quizzes along the way. 
Note: Not all languages have Mango Premiere.

Features Google Translate, which enables you to translate a word, a phrase or a sentence from one language to another.

Begin learning the language by clicking and selecting the unit, chapter and lesson. If you do not know where to start you can take the Assessment or placement test.

  • Conversation and grammar goals are provided.
  • The Exit on each page takes you back to the main page of the language you are learning.
  • Hover your cursor over the word or phrase to see a phonetic. rendering of the word(s). Click on a word to hear it enunciated.
  • The Narrator can be turned on/off and the volume adjusted under Settings.
  • The Keyboard guide has useful controls to help you navigate as you learn the language.
To select a different language, click Change Language on the top left.
At the slide-out window, Search for a new language or scroll down the list of Mango’s popular languages.
For more information or for help, call Answerline at 416-393-7131.