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June 2014

Craft + Green + (multi)Cultural Hotspot =

June 9, 2014 | Erin | Comments (0)

Bottle Cap Bracelets!

For its inaugural year the Cultural Hotspot project is shining a spotlight on South Scarborough. This spot is hot because it is home to a diverse cultural scene, engaged community, growing economy, green spaces and unique local history.

On Saturday June 7, an enthusiastic group of kids, teens, and adults joined us for Cedarbrae Library's Cultural Hotspot Animation Weekend event "Make Your Own Bottle Cap Bracelet."

Cedarbrae is in Loop 2 of the Hotspot, which covers the themes of art, food, and history and covers the area from Lawrence Avenue and Eglinton Avenue from Victoria Park to Markham Road.

Art and history (and maybe a little food too) combined perfectly in the bracelets we made. Everyone found an image in our donated magazines that spoke to them. The magazines were from a variety of cultures, religions, and interests. After all, diversity and multiculturalism are part of what make Scarborough great, both past and present.

We then used Mod Podge┬« to seal the images into the bottom of bottle caps and made bracelets using the bottle caps as a pendant and rainbow loom as the bracelet.


Bottle Cap Bracelets

For more information on other Hotspot events, check out their website or pop into one of the Hotspot Branches to pick up a brochure.

Branches in the Cultural Hotspot include:

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