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So you got an eReader, now what?

December 29, 2012 | Erin | Comments (0)

 817866000903Did you wake up to find an eReader under the tree? Wondering how to go about using it to read free ebooks from the library? You're in luck.

All major brands are compatible (except Amazon’s proprietary Kindle, which is currently only functional with some libraries in the U.S.), including Kobo’s recently released Mini, Arc, and Glo. To see if your device is compatible, click here.

Using your eReader to take out eBooks from the library is easy. With mobile devices such as the iPad, most smartphones, and the Kobo Vox or Arc you can even do it anywhere you have a wireless connection. However, the first time you do it you will need to set up your device properly and download either an app or a program, depending on which type of eReader you have.

Have a look at Overdrive, the main eBook lending service that Toronto Public Library uses for both eBooks and eAudiobooks. There is also Ebsco for eBooks and OneClick Digital for eAudiobooks. All three can be found here, or by clicking on “Downloads and eBooks” on the TPL homepage. The Downloads and eBooks page also features a handy guide called Getting Started with Library eBooks. OverDrive itself also features a great Quick Start Guide and a video Guided Tour.Audiobooks

Still mystified? Running into trouble? Looking for clarification? 

On Wed, January 16 from 1:30-3:00 there will be an introductory session on eBooks & eAudiobooks in Cedarbrae Library’s Le@rning Centre. Call the branch at 416-396-8850 to register. 

Lots of other branches are holding similar sessions too.


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