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August 2012

What to Read When you Don't Know What to Read

August 28, 2012 | Soheli | Comments (0)

You may find yourself in the library, looking around, standing amongst hundreds of books and thinking to yourself:

"What do I read?!"

Maybe you've read everything by your favourite author already, or maybe you're just really in need of a good, leisure read. Whatever the case, you have a few solid ways to connect to a great read!

1. Ask staff! This may seem obvious, but librarians are often big readers. We're usually pretty good at recommending books we've read ourselves as well as finding out about other books you may enjoy. We can also take you around the areas like paperback books, where you can often spot a title that may not otherwise appear in a catalogue search.

2. Check out displays around your branch. At any given time, the Cedarbrae branch has 8-10 book displays set up. These revolve around a basic central theme (for example, we have an ongoing display for urban fiction picks) and the titles are often specifically chosen to be displayed. If you're a little shy to ask a librarian for help, but would still like some 'recommendations', picking up a book on display is a great start. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for spaces marked for new items, or titles that have just been returned.

3. Check out online booklists. You're on the Toronto Public Library website right now -- and it's got tons to offer! New recommended reading lists are created and posted regularly by avid readers based on all kinds of topics, reading levels and more.

4. Join a book club - online or at your local branch. If you're someone who loves to read and discuss, a book club might be a great idea. There are clubs at branches throughout the city, so drop in or call to see when they meet and if they are accepting new members. If you like the discussion aspect, but would rather stay at home in your pajamas while you do it, consider an online book club like Book Buzz!

Happy Reading!


Tasty Treats and Great Reads!

August 17, 2012 | Soheli | Comments (0)

Cedarbrae Book Sale!
Every once in a while, someone walks into the Cedarbrae Branch and asks us if we're having any kind of book sale. Most of the time, we have to answer no, but this September, we'll be having our first  book and bake sale!

Be sure to drop by on Saturday, September 15 between 10 and 4 PM to browse through some pre-loved and inexpensive titles, including children's books, audiobooks and paperbacks. If you get hungry, you can stop for some delicious baked goods from 12 to 2:30 PM. The bake sale will be hosted by our enthusiastic Youth Advisory Group members, so come by and say hi!

Proceeds from the book sale go to the Toronto Public Library Foundation, and proceeds from the bake sale go to support youth advisory group programs at the Cedarbrae Branch.

Hope to see you all there!


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