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June 2011

I am a TV. Do I belong in the library?

June 21, 2011 | Maciek | Comments (2)



As you probably noticed, there is a number of libraries (including Cedarbrae) with flat screens in different parts of the branch. They are mostly used for displaying library info and advertise programs, but some of them do have cable and show TV channels - the library decided that we want to provide access to information in any and every available form, and that includes television.

It really makes a wonderful community event when there is something important going on (Olympic Games, president Obama's acceptance speech, etc.) and we can broadcast it live, but we also do understand that some people are not comfortable with TVs in libraries and do not wish to be exposed to them (I do not mean the issue of noise, all our TVs are preset to very low volume).

Luckily, in CED the TV screens are located in very well selected spots - in the Teen Area and in the Reading Lounge (where we keep our non-circulating periodicals; this one is always on CP24). But the question remains - do TVs belong in the library? Do they not?...


Cedarbrae YAG GO!

June 13, 2011 | Scott | Comments (0)

We know that teens need community service hours in order to graduate from high school. Toronto Public Library’s Youth Advisory Groups are a great place to fulfil those hours but they offer so much more.

I’m honoured to be the facilitator for Cedarbrae’s developing Youth Advisory Group. We are the second group in the entire library system to adopt a youth-led model, which gives teens the opportunity to develop their leadership and organization skills, meet new friends and gain new skills that will be helpful in future academic or career plans.

In February, Cedarbrae hosted a YAG Information Night that gave would-be participants a better idea  of what being a part of YAG is all about. It was a great turn-out and Cedarbrae has received over 80 applications since the branch’s re-opening in December 2010.

This new approach to YAG has been a slow start (as often with new projects) but with a fantastic group of leaders now in place, selections will be made over the summer for the 20 remaining slots in the general YAG membership.

Introducing Cedarbrae’s YAG Lead Team

Viethusha – Chair
Keerthijan – Vice-Chair
Laiba – Secretary
Prashanti – Publicity
Muaz – Programming
Hamdi – Programming

Due to the overwhelming number of applications earlier this year, YAG applications will not be accepted through the summer at Cedarbrae. However, we will begin to accept applications and host another information night in September to fill any remaining spots in the group.

For those of you who are planning on applying in September, here’s some tips on filling out your YAG application:

-         treat it like a job application – be sure to check for spelling and grammar

-         fill out the application completely – do not leave any important areas blank

-         your main focus should be on what you can contribute to the group and your interests/special skills – this a great opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself and what you can bring to the group

Keep Your Brain Fit!

June 10, 2011 | Soheli | Comments (3)

Summer is just around the corner! Some of us may be lucky enough to get loads of time to be outside, active and enjoying the nice weather. For those of us still stuck inside, maybe in an office or behind a computer screen, there are plenty of ways to keep your brain from turning into mush!

Lumosity offers some great brain puzzles to keep you sharp:

Word Bubbles work on your articulation and verbal fluency. It’s probably my favourite one of the bunch.

Raindrops helps to increase your mental math abilities and make better estimates. I’m not much of a math person, so this one really makes me work sometimes.

Lost in Migration is great for those hoping to improve their attention and focus. It’s a little funny that this exercise is cited as useful for “avoiding distraction and increasing work productivity” because you can get completely caught up in it!

So, while you’re waiting to get outside and get some physical activity, don’t forget to keep your brain active too this summer.

The games I’ve mentioned here are feature games offered on the Lumosity website, so they are free to play and enjoy. There are more feature games I haven't mentioned as well. The entire selection of games, however, are members-only. If you have other free and fun brain-games you’ve found online, please share them in the comments!

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