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Making it a Mission!

April 4, 2011 | Soheli | Comments (0)

What makes a ‘good’ reader? Is there even such thing? I like to consider myself a pretty voracious reader, but it’s tough to keep up with an ever-expanding list of hot reads, particularly in all the genres available.

So, I’m making it a mission – and maybe you will too.

April is Keep Toronto Reading month, and in the spirit of the month, I’ve decided to read at least one book in a whole slew of genres, subgenres and categories – books that I may not otherwise think to pick up, or normally gravitate to. Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily traditionally recognized literary genres; I want to read far and wide!

Here are some of the areas I’d like to dip into:

Graphic novels, Canadian memoirs, Scandinavian mysteries, dystopian apocalyptic fiction, Middle Eastern romance…and the list goes on.


So far, I’ve picked up Local by Brian Wood. This is an adult graphic novel featuring a young traveller in a series of vignettes as she transitions from one stage of her life to the next, all the while moving through a number of North American cities. I’m particularly liking the great detail to attention in the artwork (look out for the Tim Horton’s logo in the Toronto storyline!), and the provocative storytelling. I haven’t read too many graphic novels yet, but if Local is any indication of what to expect, I’m looking forward to finding more titles and authors to discover.

 Do you have any genres or areas you want to explore – any titles that might be a little beyond your normal repertoire? Take the time this month to maybe pick up a book you haven’t considered before, and let us know what happens!


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