3 Ways to Diversify Your Online Job Search

June 1, 2020 | Teresa L

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With news of high unemployment rates and signs of reduced hiring, job searching can seem pointless and frustrating. Approaching your job search differently may help to regain your motivation. Try diversifying your job search tactics with these proactive job searching tips.

Adult on laptop at library
The library has many resources to help you with your online job search.


1. Reflect on Your Career Goals

Especially in desperate times, job seekers tend to apply to any and all job postings. But quantity isn't always better than quality. If you haven’t been getting anywhere with your job search, revisit your career goals. Try to think about your experience and skills more broadly. Which of them are transferable and can be used to pivot to similar positions or industries? What are some past job responsibilities that you can use in a different position? For example, with companies moving their services online, a person in marketing may want to consider roles in social media.

If you’re having trouble determining which of your skills are transferable, we have some suggestions. Try using the "My Skills" feature in the "Explore Assessments" section of CareerCruising. The government of Canada also offers a skills assessment tool through their Job Bank. These resources can help you discover your skills and different types of careers to consider. This, in turn, can expand your job search and the types of positions you apply for.

Career Cruising
Discover your transferable skills via Career Cruising.


2. Do Your Research

After reassessing your strengths, research and create a list of your newly targeted industries, companies, job titles, skills and more. This is particularly important if applying to an industry you had not previously considered. Depending on your industry, the following library resources can help you with this research:

Be sure to also update all of your application materials (eg. resume, cover letter, website, social media, etc.) to reflect the positions you’re now considering. If you want a second look at your new resume, Brainfuse has an Adult Learning Centre section which has a "Write a Winning Résumé" feature. You can get Live Résumé Help via chat or upload your résumé and receive expert feedback from career coaches within 24 hours.

Screen Capture of Write a Winning Resume feature on Brainfuse
Try the "Write a Winning Résumé" feature on Brainfuse/


3. Network Wisely

With physical distancing, you’ll need to find a new networking strategy for connecting with people online. Look for professional groups to join on MeetUp or LinkedIn in your industry. Join in on conversations and attend online events and webinars. Seek out people, mentors and recruiters with similar career passions as you. You can also use the library databases mentioned above to connect with people from the list of companies in which you want to work.

Networking can be awkward but is a skill that can be learned. A good rule of thumb is to try to network in an honest and trustworthy manner. If you need some tips on learning how to network effectively, LinkedIn Learning for Library (formerly Lynda.com) offers courses on networking. You can access LinkedIn Learning for Library for free with your TPL card. To view the following courses and learning paths, sign in to LinkedIn Learning for Library with your library card. Try out courses on networking as it relates to Job Searching, discovering How to Network When You Don't Like Networking and also Creating Your Personal Brand.


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The library offers programs for job searching and career development.


Watch our Live & Online programs page for upcoming career support programs. Hopefully these tips help to encourage you as you explore and diversify during your job search!

Edited May 6, 2021 at 4:05pm to update resource links for LinkedIn Learning for Library (formerly Lynda.com).