Small Business Access: Helping Ontario Small Businesses

May 15, 2018 | Hector

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Small Business Access
The Ontario Government has launched a new, one-stop source for information tailored for small businesses.  Small Business Access makes it easier for small business owners to access tools, resources and funding to start and grow their business. 

Small business owners will be able to access resources such as hiring and training incentives for employers.  Information on how to register your business and apply for permits and licenses or how to expand your business globally is available.
The website also provides you with the option to sign-up for updates so that you'll learn about new resources including when (and how) to apply for funding. It provides any important announcements that may impact your small business operations.
If you have a question and prefer to speak to someone over the phone, there is an option to call toll-free within Ontario, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time: 1-888-999-5970. Assistance is available in English and French.
The legal resources are likely to be heavily used. It's important to understand how laws and regulations will affect your business and this is one area of small business growth where entrepreneurs and small business owners have many questions. Small Business Access makes navigating this territory much more straightforward.
The Ontario Government has many different resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. By remembering Small Business Access, you'll have a great jumping point to explore many of the available services. Make sure to bookmark this website for future reference and definitely take a look at some of Toronto Public Library's resources below to help you get your small business underway.
Good luck with all of your small business endeavours!

Library Resources: