Survival Guide For Female Entrepreneurs

March 15, 2018 | Raya

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According to a recent study funded by the federal government and the Bank of Montreal, female-led enterprises now represent half of all new businesses and 90 percent are focused on the service sector. And although these businesses tend to be smaller than male-led businesses, they create more jobs and have higher survival rates. In spite of this, female entrepreneurs face a number of barriers: poor access to capital, ageism, sexism and harassment from investors and clients. As well, these women find that networks, incubators and accelerators often don't cater to them.

Are you a female business owner or a woman who wants to start her own business? Finding the resources you need to make your business a success can be a daunting task. The following federal and provincial websites might have just what you need to start, manage and grow your business:

  • The Ministry of the Status of Women, through the Investing in Women’s Futures program, supports initiatives in 25 women’s centres located in communities across Ontario. These initiatives prevent violence against women and promote women’s economic independence by helping women develop skills and abilities that will reduce their vulnerability to poverty and abuse. 
  • Canada Business Ontario's Women in Business Guide provides links, resources and contact information on topics such as regulations, financing, funding and taxation.
  • The Canada Business Network also has information with links to programs and business support organizations specifically for female entrepreneurs.
  • The Business Development Bank of Canada provides network, financing and management advice.

In addition to the above websites, the library has many print and online resources such as business directories, sample business plans, marketing research information and numerous business programs that can help you become a success in your business.

To get inspired to be your own boss, take a look at the following book and ebooks:

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